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Slovenian Left-Wing MEPs Among The Few Who Did Not Support The Resolution Declaring Russia A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Russia is now also officially a terrorist state on the level of Iran, and its paid Wagner-type siloviki have become the same as Iran’s revolutionary militias. The European Parliament has labelled Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Members of the European Parliament recently voted in favour of a resolution designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and a state using terrorist means. The resolution, which is not legally binding, was adopted with 494 votes in favour and 58 votes against, with 44 abstentions. Among the abstentions were also Slovenian left-wing MEPs. They have finally shown their true colours.

The link between Mother Russia and the Slovenian left is more than 80 years old already. In fact, the left as we know it today would not exist in the Balkans without Russia. The existence of the left is entirely dependent on Russian mercenaries, trained in Moscow and sent to the Balkans to launch a bloody communist revolution – which they eventually succeeded in doing with the help of the Second World War.

It is, therefore, quite clear that they do not like the modern reality that has emerged since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where the world public has finally realised that there is not much difference between Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin and between Nazi Germany and modern Russian neo-fascism. Slovenian leftist eminent men liked to go to Moscow to collect their prizes, and the bravest ones are still beating their chests, claiming that Moscow and Ljubljana are “brother cities of victory”- we are, of course, talking about men like Zoran Janković, who knows that he is the mayor of a city where quite a few of the inhabitants would spray-paint the “Russian swastika” – Z on their cars if it were internationally acceptable.

But other leftists are also showing Putin between the lines that they are still “theirs.” They just do it a bit more timidly. Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon still has to torture herself and defend her pro-Ukrainian policy in public to create the illusion before Brussels that the Slovenian Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD) are a normal European party, not a Slovenian cell of Russian expansionism (although she is trying her best to ensure that as few weapons as possible are sent to Ukraine). On the other hand, there is the group of leftists who feel like they do not even have to pretend to be on the right side of history. For example, the penultimate Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Milan Kučan, who commanded the anti-NATO protest at the outbreak of the war, where he said that both sides are to blame for the conflict. He can afford to do that because he knows that his supporters are of the same opinion and also because he knows that nobody in the European Union cares about what he thinks.

His example is also followed by active politicians who, on behalf of the Slovenian socialist international, are stationed in Brussels as MEPs of one flavour or another of the parallel mechanism.

And while the majority of MEPs voted in favour of the resolution recognising Russian fascism as the work of a terrorist state (among them were also all four Slovenian MPs from the European People’s Party – Romana Tomc, Franc Bogovič, Ljudmila Novak and Milan Zver), Slovenian left-wing MPs abstained. Matjaž Nemec and Milan Brglez abstained, Irena Joveva and Klemen Grošelj did not vote. This is a clear political gesture, which will have Westerners scratching their heads, wondering what is the matter with these Slovenian social democrats and liberals, but the Slovenian electorate, which voted for these extremists who pretend to be democrats and liberals, will understand everything. The boys and girls have told the Slovenian left that the values of the National Liberation Movement have not yet been forgotten and that they are perfectly aligned with the values of fascist Russia.

Such gestures can, of course, be used by the Slovenian right to show Westerners exactly what the Slovenian leftists are made of. For the West of Europe is wrongly convinced, for some reason, that these people are their allies. They can be considered allies exclusively as long as they can draw on European cohesion funds.

Namely, the Slovenian leftists are extremely spread out throughout the European Union. In almost every institution, there is a Slovenian, or at least a Yugoslav, who can be found in the booklet of collaborators of the former State Security Administration of Yugoslavia. Just as they did not understand Russia until recently, the Western liberals do not understand Slovenia or other post-communist countries with incomplete or non-existent lustration.

The question is whether we on the right can use such examples to “educate” Europe’s centre-left and centre-right liberals and social democrats. It is likely that we will not have a better opportunity than the war in Russia for a long time to come.

Some Twitter users expressed a similar belief, with Mitja Iršič writing: “When will it finally become clear to the West that our socialists and pseudo-liberals are not social democrats and liberals of the Western kind, but an extreme anti-capitalist, anti-NATO, Russophile clique that has tricked the West into believing that they are being pro-Western? The main task of our right is to teach the West to see what is the truth.” And Marko Krajnc commented on the left-wing MEP’s decision to abstain from the vote, writing: “And this came at a time when Russian missiles are raining down on civilian targets in Ukraine. Bravo for the timing. What a disgrace for Slovenia and them personally.”

Andrej Žitnik

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