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Slovenian Democratic Party Strongly Condemns Tanja Fajon’s Political Pressuring of the Director-General of the National Media Outlet RTV Slovenia

Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) strongly condemns the political pressure by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Tanja Fajon on the Director-General of the national media outlet, Radio-Television of Slovenia, Andrej Grah Whatmough, which she exerted in her recently published public letter.

In light of the fact that the current Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister calls herself in the public letter in question “a former correspondent of RTV Slovenia,” and even after 14 years of no longer being a journalist of RTV Slovenia, is still aware of what it means to “have good contacts and network,” our concern is all the more justified, and the clear political pressuring by Tanja Fajon is even more inadmissible and reprehensible.

Members of the Slovenian Democratic Party can agree with the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister that “Brussels is not only involved in foreign policy but has also been shaping our domestic political developments for a long time now.” This was especially noticeable in the past two years, when the then-opposition, which also included the current Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, slandered our country and its then-Prime Minister Janez Janša through its “good contacts and network” in Brussels because of “domestic political events.” Therefore, the SDS party believes that it is indisputable that the only public Slovenian media outlet must act in the public interest and, through objective and impartial reporting, transmit verified and credible information to both Slovenian and foreign public, and not information that would primarily “shape our domestic political events.”

Last but not least, the Slovenian Democratic Patry emphasised that Radio-Television of Slovenia must undoubtedly finally become a professional and impartial media outlet, which the citizens certainly deserve after more than three decades of living in an independent state.

Sara Kovač

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