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Slovenia Shocked By A New Crime – A 78-Year-Old Woman Was Raped By A Migrant Near Cerknica

A 78-year-old woman was recently raped by a migrant near Cerknica. The rapist is an applicant for international protection, accommodated in an asylum home. Meanwhile, non-governmental organisations are campaigning to stop the extradition of migrants.

A 17-year-old Palestinian migrant, still a minor, is believed to have arrived in the Cerknica area by train. He allegedly told his fellow passengers that he was going to Koper, but then got off the train early and set off on a criminal expedition.

The rape took place on Saturday, the 27th of May, in the afternoon. The media outlet Slovenske novice (Slovenian News) reports that the rapist opened the unlocked iron fence of the house and entered the victim’s property.

She was unsuspectingly hanging laundry in the front yard, whereupon he grabbed her by the neck and demanded money. “Money, money!” he allegedly shouted. However, it did not end with the robbery. He dragged her into the house, took her phone and threw it across the garden, reports Slovenske novice. This made it impossible for her to call for help.

Because she lives alone, no one was able to help her. When he left, he left her lying there, bloodied. And when she did manage to call for help, she was treated by doctors, as she was injured and in severe pain.

However, the migrant’s criminal march continued from there. He ran across the street to a new victim, this time a 69-year-old woman, where he hid in the toilet of her flat. Meanwhile, she was bleaching the walls of the flat. She commented on her encounter with him by saying: “There was a young boy standing by the toilet bowl. I started screaming so loud that he ran out of the apartment”.

But there is another twist to the story. She quickly realised that the rapist and thief had removed the sim card from her phone. When the police arrived, they found it in the immediate vicinity of the house, and they found the rapist close by as well – he was only a few hundred metres away from the crime scene.

NGOs want to keep migrants in Slovenia

One of Robert Golob‘s pre-election promises was to tear down the fence on the border with Croatia. The announced act was like a signal of encouragement to all of the migrants on the Balkan migration route. An increase in the influx of migrants followed. As a result, more and more of them are staying in Slovenia. In mid-May, Nataša Sukič, an MP from the Left party (Levica), handcuffed herself to a migrant who was denied a welcome in Slovenia just before he was due to be returned to Croatia by the domestic authorities.

Following a political media campaign by the pro-migration Left party MP, the baton was passed to NGOs, which appealed to the Prime Minister to stop returning the migrants whose asylum applications had not been approved to Croatia. So yesterday, representatives of NGOs gathered in front of the Government Palace. The public demonstration was attended by well-known faces from the bicycle protests that went on during the previous government, such as Miha Blažič from the so-called Rog Embassy (Ambasada Rog), the violent rapper Zlatko, Svetlana Slapšak, the poet Andrej Rozman, Matjaž Hanžek, the left-wing NGO the 8th of March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec) and others.

Gal Kovač

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