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Shooting in Front of the Jewish Center in Ljubljana!

Several shots were fired in front of the Jewish Center on the Križevniška Street on Friday evening. Panic ensued, as shortly before that, crowds of Palestinians and those who support Hamas gathered in front of the Parliament. The police are still collecting data; however, all of the major media outlets are pointing out that the incident was not related to the protest, which, according to the information gathered so far, is not a conclusion that can be made yet. However, the police said that they had found shell casings at the scene of the incident and that they were checking what type of weapon was used in the incident.

“A thorough search of the location and collecting of the information were carried out after yesterday’s announcement that the police officers had detected a shooting on Križevniška street yesterday evening. Shell casings were found, and police are still checking what type of weapon was used in the incident and are also continuing to gather information on suspicion of the crime of causing general danger. The suspect is not yet known, and the competent state prosecutor’s office will be informed about any findings,” the police have announced on Saturday.

Reportedly, six consecutive shots were heard, and according to the information known so far, no one was injured. The police are still investigating all the circumstances of the incident; however, it is clear to everyone that it would simply be too big of a coincidence for the two events not to be linked.

Sara Kovač

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