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SDS President Janez Janša: In the Upcoming Elections, We Will Be Deciding Between Constitutional Democracy and Left Fascism!

Slovenian Democratic Party is continuing with its visits in different regions. Members and followers of the SDS party met with the party’s leadership in the Gorenjska and Ljubljana regions. Numerous speakers lined up on the podium, and the main speaker in both meetings was the party’s president, Janez Janša. In his speech, he presented the choice that the Slovenian nation will face in the upcoming election. According to the Prime Minister, Slovenia will be choosing between constitutional democracy and left fascism.

The first event took place in Snovik, opposite the Tuhinje spa. The event was officially opened by a male choir from the Tuhinj valley, who sang the second and seventh stanzas of Prešeren’s A Toast. Their performance was followed by an introductory speech by the chairman of the SDS Kamnik municipal committee, Jože Mežan. In his speech, he remembered France Tomšič, who had already fought for democracy during the times of the former totalitarian regime. He also remembered the many party members who had sacrificed their time and had worked hard for the SDS party ever since it has been founded.

The next person to take the stage was Ivan Hribar, the owner of the Snovik spa. He presented the highest lying spa in Slovenia – the Snovik spa, which is based on renewable energy sources. He then described how tourism in the Tuhinj Valley has adapted to the conditions of the epidemic.

This was followed by a speech by Matej Slapar, the Mayor of Kamnik. “The Kamnik Municipality is one of the largest ones in Slovenia. I am happy to say that the current government is well aware of this. Unfortunately, the previous one was not. Therefore, I am grateful to the entire government, which is aware of the need to invest in the development of municipalities and local self-government. You have listened to us and heard our requests about the need to invest in kindergartens, roads, flood protection.” The mayor said that he is very glad that Slovenia is currently led by the government of Janez Janša, which has preserved the economy, which has resulted in the lowest unemployment rate we have had in a long time. He also said that the government is leading Slovenia on the path of further development, which should not be taken for granted. “That is why we need brave people who care about Slovenia.” This was followed by the cultural part of the programme, where the Zakonjšek couple performed an aria from the operetta Melody of the Heart and an aria from the operetta Planinska roža (Mountain flower).

The next speaker, Bogomir Vnučec, thanked all the presidents of the local committees who are part of the regional coordination and wished everyone lots of success in the upcoming parliamentary election. Before the speech of the SDS MEP, the two Vice Presidents of the Slovenian Democratic Youth, the youth section of the SDS party took the stage. Simona Purkat and Andrej Hoivik asked all those present to ask three young people to the youth section of the party in the near future. In her speech, Purkat said: “Those who join the SDS party only to reap the benefits of it, quickly leave. But those of us who are here because we love Slovenia and because we are aware that the SDS party is the best choice for Slovenia – those remain.

 The three largest upcoming projects of the European Union
What followed was an address by the Member of European Parliament Romana Tomc, who described the three largest upcoming projects in the European Union. The main one is, of course, the fight against the epidemic, but also the preservation of the economy and the defence of Slovenia’s and the EU’s external borders. “In recent days, an important event happened in Brussels, which did not resonate as much as it should have in Slovenia, as the mainstream media did not report on it because they do not want to highlight the success of the current government. I would like to shine the spotlight for a moment on our Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, who deserves a huge round of applause for what he has done in recent days. He reached the full agreement of all EU ministers on how the member states will act in relation to migration from the currently critical Afghanistan. His speech also resonated in the European Parliament.”

At the beginning of his address, Aleš Hojs spoke about the historic consensus he helped reach on the European floor, which would not have happened, had it not been for the Prime Minister that had previously outlined the political guidelines. He also jokingly remarked that the otherwise derogatory term “Janšaism” is slowly taking on a positive connotation. Namely, the word will likely be related to one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe, as well as a record low unemployment rate.

Candidates for deputies also got to speak to the followers and members of the party at the event. Visitors already knew some of the candidates, while the others got to introduce themselves for the first tie. Namely, it was Branko Grims, Andrej Hoivik, Bojan Homan, Žan Mahnič, Lucija Zalokar, Leon Merjasec, Nežka Poljanšek, Mark Toplak and Marko Pogačnik who spoke to the people gathered at the event.

Janez Janša announced a victory at the upcoming elections
Finally, Janez Janša took to the stage, announcing the super-election year and victory in all four upcoming elections and then summarising the government’s achievements in the last year. What followed was the part of the speech that garnered the most interest. He spoke about the electoral choice that the Slovenian nation would have to make in the upcoming parliamentary elections. “We will be making a choice regarding the dilemma between development and underdevelopment, between whether we are going to build new kindergartens, sports halls, nursing hospitals, homes for the elderly, or not.” And in contrast to the outlined path, he presented the spending of money on the so-called non-governmental organisations and everything that we have been seeing lately related to the so-called protest cycling around Ljubljana.

Those who use the methods of fascism accuse others of being fascists
The president of the party believes that if the nation will have to decide between development and underdevelopment in economic terms, it will also have to decide between constitutional democracy and left fascism in the political sense. The left fascism is growing rapidly and forcibly appropriating more and more public space. Janša reminded the attendees of how the protesters regularly shout that the streets and the Ministry of Culture are theirs, which is not part of a democracy. “It is precisely those who use the methods of fascism who accuse others of being fascists.” The Prime Minister continued: “In Slovenia’s next elections to the National Assembly, we will be deciding between those who stand firmly on the defences of Slovenian constitutional democracy, and those who wish to chase the entrepreneurs into the sea with bayonets, who want to take away your apartments, who want to tear down the parliamentary democracy, who say that they will take Slovenia out of the Euro area and NATO. These are the beginnings of left-wing fascism, and this must be resisted.”

At the end of his speech, Janša once again talked about the conditions for participation in a coalition with SDS, which the party has set for future coalition partners at the end of last week. Namely, the parties of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition decided against working with the SDS party after the very first proposal, which is – to always work for the good of Slovenia.

Sara Kovač

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