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Scandalous: Two Left-Wing Presidential Candidates Support Mass Murderers

It was not enough when Slovenia became the laughing stock of the foreign media because of Golob’s “pandemic advice,” now we are once again on the radar of the world media because of the leftists, this time because of the “strange choice” of presidential candidates, or the “local Che Guevarrahs,” who will take part in the upcoming elections.

“There is a presidential election in Slovenia in two weeks. The currently ruling coalition recently ran its parliamentary campaign on an anti-Ukrainian platform. Now, they have nominated two strange characters for president,” wrote the Twitter account of the Visegrad Group, the main portal for news, politics, current affairs, history and culture from Central and Eastern Europe. The post added a question addressed to the two presidential candidates in question, Milan Brglez and Miha Kordiš, wondering, “why would you support a bloody ideology?” as the two are proudly posing in photos, wearing a T-shirt with the picture of “Che Guevarra,” a known murderer, and the Yugoslavian dictator Tito.

And just when one would have thought that in a modern, democratic society, we would be moving more and more in the right direction, Slovenia seems to have taken a big step backwards with the new government in power. In a presidential race that is already in full swing, one would have expected candidates whose thinking would be appropriate for the time we live in, but instead, we have found ourselves on the other, “socialist” side, which has not only raised some eyebrows here, but also abroad. The focus on the “strange choice” of candidates for the local and presidential elections is precisely on the two extremely radical candidates, Miha Kordiš and Milan Brglez, which was also addressed by the Visegrad Twitter profile, which wrote: “There’s a presidential election in Slovenia in two weeks. The currently ruling coalition recently ran its parliament campaign on an anti-Ukrainian platform. Now, they have nominated two strange characters for president. Milan Brglez and Miha Kordiš, why would you support a bloody ideology?” With the question, they were, of course, referring to the candidates’ photos, in which they can be seen wearing T-shirts with Che Guevarra and Tito on them.

And when it comes to being radical, MP Kordiš is certainly the person who stands out most. In the past, he has made a name for himself by supporting totalitarian symbols and controversial figures from history who committed mass human rights violations and killed millions of people. Kordiš’s greatest enemies are people from the business sector, about whom he has repeatedly uttered extremely insulting and undignified words. Kordiš is a master of hate speech and a supporter of unconstitutional ideas that should have no place in a democratic society. The same question was also reasonably posed to Brglez, as a university professor teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, where, among other things, he lectures students on world politics and the European defence of human rights. The very idea that a man who idealises a murderer would lead a democratic country is, in any case, very worrying. “A sensation in Slovenia. Unbelievable – absurd – death to democracy. In Slovenia, the extremely radical anti-Semitic communist Milan Brglez from the Social Democrats party (SD) is running for the position of President of the Country,” Twitter user who lives in Germany commented on Brglez’s candidacy.

Prime Minister Robert Golob’s statement on “natural cures against covid-19” has crossed the borders of Slovenia and also echoed in foreign media outlets
Prime Minister Robert Golob himself has also recently been the subject of ridiculing Slovenian publicity, with his “pandemic advice” that also filled foreign headlines. “We have an epidemic wave that is not all that high yet. A wave in the middle of summer. That can only be good. Why? We have two natural cures for covid-19: vitamin D and sunshine and salty seawater. It is great that this epidemic wave is happening now when we can all go to the seaside and get better there. I am not kidding, this is the plain truth,” Prime Minister Robert Golob said on the news show “24ur Zvečer” regarding the new wave of the epidemic in Slovenia.

His statement not only spread across Slovenia, but also crossed its borders, especially in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, where many media outlets wrote about his claims.

That is why he has to pay for PR articles abroad
It is no wonder that thanks to his incompetence as Prime Minister and slip-ups of this and other kinds, which is losing him the support of his electorate, which he won on the basis of misleading and empty promises, the Prime Minister has to find another way to raise his popularity – in places where he is not so well-known yet because he can do it there. And what better way to do this than through paid PR in foreign left-wing media outlets, especially now that his new employee, a spokeswoman for the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda), who is quite familiar with the policy of “good news for a good price” is taking care of it! Let us remind you of an article published by the media outlet Foreign Policy, which was more than obviously a carefully executed PR ploy by Golob. The case did not hold up to scrutiny, especially since the author of the article, who, incidentally, is Caroline de Gruyter, a left-wing columnist for Foreign Policy and correspondent for the left-liberal media outlet NRC Handelsblad, not only praised Golob through and through, but she even referred to him as the founder of the Gen-I energy company, which is not the case. Namely, Golob only joined Gen-I as a favour to Igor Bavčar, when he merged his loss-making private company. This was a pure LDS energy project. But obviously, there is no other way, and after all this, we can expect another “foreign fairy tale” about the current Prime Minister in the near future – which will, of course, be paid for.

Tanja Brkić

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