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Scandalous: The New RTV Leadership Will Cancel The Satirical Show Which Often Imitates Robert Golob

The new leadership of the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS), appointed by the government of Robert Golob, is rapidly cancelling programmes that are in one way or another critical of Golob and his government’s policies. After the cancellation of the show Arena with Igor Pirkovič and Vida Petrovčič, Panorama and TV Slovenija’s flagship weekend show Kaj dogaja (What Is Going On?) are also being cancelled next year.

The latter, in particular, has been a thorn in Robert Golob‘s side for some time now. The programme also includes the satirical soap opera Palomar, which makes fun of Golob’s style of governance. The show is being cancelled despite the fact that it was one of the few watchable entertainment programmes on Television Slovenia.

According to well-informed journalist and editor Bojan Požar, RTV Slovenia finalised its programme production plan for 2024 on Wednesday, cutting sports and entertainment content by a third, which includes the cancellation of the show Kaj dogaja. The news programme Panorama is also to be axed. The show Tarča (Target) is said to remain for the time being, and there are no plans for the return of the show Studio City.

Despite the programme being cut by a third, all full-time staff at RTV Slovenia will remain employed. However, the freelancers who worked on the cancelled programmes will be laid off, Požar reported.

Moja Dolenjska

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