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Scandalous: Jefim, Head of the Taxi Drivers’ Union, Tried to Justify the Mass Shooting That the High School Student Had Planned to Carry Out in a Church!

Slovenia was recently shocked by the news that a high school student from Kranj was planning to carry out a mass shooting at several locations, including the church in Brezje. The shooting, in which many people would probably have tragically lost their lives, is something that no sane person would ever wish even on their worst enemy. Except for the president of the Taxi Drivers’ Union, Dejan Jefim. Namely, he tried to justify the shooter’s intentions with the sentence “You reap what you sow.” This is not Jefim’s first public outburst, as he has previously also threatened a journalist with castration, in addition to also going after the Minister of Infrastructure, Jernej Vrtovec.

On Wednesday, we reported that a 20-year-old had ordered a semi-automatic gun, automatic firearm and several pieces of ammunition on the dark web and planned a massacre at his former primary school, as well as in other institutions where his peers are said to now be working. They found a detailed and carefully prepared plan for the massacre, with names and surnames of the victims. Unofficially, the 20-year-old was also planning to carry out a massacre in the church in Brezje.

This information was published by the Demokracija journalist Gašper Blažič on his Twitter profile, and the trade unionist Dejan Jefim could not help himself and showed his hostile attitude towards Christians with his comment. He was quoting the Bible but only showed indulgence, in the sense of “it is their own fault that this is happening to them.” According to the media reports, the Twitter profile of the young man who planned the mass shooting is full of satanic posts and worshiping of Satanism, so Jefim’s comment is all the more disturbing, as it justifies the possible massacre by a man with serious problems.

This is not the first case of Jefim calling for violence
As the president of the Taxi Drivers’ Union, Dejan Jefim is fighting for the rights of the taxi drivers, and he is also trying to push the healthy competition, such as Uber, out of the Slovenian market. The truth is that he is using his “humanitarian” fight for the rights of “oppressed workers” for his own greedy private interests, as he wants to maintain his monopoly on the sale of information products of the company Net-Informatika on the Slovenian market while also skilfully spreading his “tentacles” abroad.
When journalist Bojan Požar exposed his false humanitarianism, he caused Jefim to blow up. Namely, Jefim went after the journalist, called him names and insulted him, and also dealt with him with the help of his online trolls. The matter reached its peak with Jefim’s threats of castration. However, Jefim also went after the Minister of infrastructure, Jernej Vrtovec, who is striving for Slovenia to modernise and keep pace with the times in the field of digitalisation. This also means that Uber or other similar competition will arrive in Slovenia, which Jefim is afraid of, but its arrival would mean that the consumers would get cheap and high-quality taxi services.
The opposition is diligently staying quiet in all of this, as some politicians allegedly have a quiet agreement with Jefim: We will veto the Uber law, and you will help us with the anti-government protests of the taxi drivers. However, it is not just the taxi drivers – Jefim is calling for everyone to protest.

Sara Kovač

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