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RTV Journalist Calls The Hamas Massacres An “Incursion Of Palestinian Movements”

Sunday marked six months since the military incursion of Hamas terrorists into the State of Israel. In horrific massacres, Hamas killed, kidnapped, and tortured thousands of civilians in a matter of days. On the day of the anniversary of the massacres, on the depoliticised national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS), journalist Boris Vasev published a tasteless pro-Palestinian article blaming Israel for the attacks and massacres.

On Sunday, on the six-month anniversary of the Hamas terrorist invasion of Israel, the non-governmental organisation Today is a New Day (Danes je nov dan), headed by Filip Muki Dobranić, also organised a protest. As we reported yesterday, the rally in Republic Square was unannounced and attended by around 100 people.

In addition, a journalist from the national media outlet RTV Slovenia, known for his far-left tendencies towards Palestine and his odd statements, such as the one about how he believes Slovenian flags should be removed from outside schools and institutions like RTV Slovenia because of their dangerous nationalist ideology, has caused quite a stir with his recent article.

On Sunday, the RTV Slovenia’s web portal MMC published Boris Vasev’s pro-Palestinian article, where he calls the incursion of Hamas extremists “an incursion of Palestinian movements.” Mitja Iršič responded to the journalist on the X social network, writing that “a woman’s unborn child was ripped from her womb and slaughtered, and then they slaughtered her, too – just like our liberators in Kočevski rog. They butchered families and their children, hand in hand with the staff of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Boris Vasev, you have reached rock bottom with this article. You cannot sink any lower.”

Hamas has still not released the abducted civilians

As of the 6th of April, Hamas still held 133 abducted civilians, 129 of whom had been abducted on the 7th of October and four of whom had been abducted much earlier. Hamas has therefore been holding over 100 Israeli men, women and children captive for more than half a year. In addition, there is speculation that civilians who have been kidnapped are being tortured and, according to some reports, 33 hostages have already been killed.

Hamas is making the release of the hostages conditional on the release of Hamas leaders and also of some terrorists who have been captured by the Israeli State and imprisoned in high-security prisons.

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