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One of the Most Vulgar Employees of the Social Work Centre Was Also at the Protest – Without a Mask

Once again, Gordana Pirš, the “heroine” of the Bežigrad Social Work Centre, did not go unnoticed. As per usual, she stood out at Tuesday’s protests, symbolically dressed in red. We have not been able to find out what was part of her repertoire this time – however, we are sure that her words will soon catch up with her presence. We are already looking forward to it. By the way, in the photo, she was caught in a crowd without properly wearing a protective mask.

Gordana Pirš, an employee of the Bežigrad Social Work Centre, who was also a clerk in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, as a staff member of one of the previous governments, once again made sure to not disappoint with her presence. Namely, she took part in Tuesday’s protests in Ljubljana – which was, of course, to be expected, given her open hatred for the current Prime Minister.

During one of Friday’s protests, she attacked the police officers, which she also supported with a post on her Facebook profile: “Damn police officers, you bastards. Traitors. Bullies. Patients who are abusing their own nation, which they should be protecting from the thieves, criminals, fraudsters… Police pigs, what was your price, how much did you sell yourself for?” on Wednesday, the media outlets reported that police found (only) 46 violations on Tuesday’s protests, which is quite unusual – as about ten thousand people supposedly partook in the protest, and about half of them were not wearing masks. Judging by the photos, Mrs. Gordana was one of them. It would be interesting to know whether the “bastards who sold out” also fined her.

We always like to write a line or two about people like the Social Work Centre employee in question. Namely, Mrs. Gordana is not only known for her sophisticated fashion style, but she also has a similarly sophisticated vocabulary – or, let’s say, a vocabulary that fits her appearance. Namely, when political analyst Sebastjan Jeretič spoke with Jože Možina on RTV, and they talked about current political events, Mrs. Gordana could not help herself and commented on the interview, writing: “Just another Janšistic ass-kisser, another Home Guard fucker, another SDS scumbag, liar. Another SDS shit. Another SDS moron, cretin, idiot. Another one from the ranks of the SDS Janšistic lowlife, rabble, vermin. Eeeew, stinker, fuck off! Along with the corrupt, treacherous Možina. Nothing but shit in a pile!” Well, the Social Work Centre can really be proud to have an employee with such an enviable vocabulary – her level, of course, can be reached by very few people.

Sara Bertoncelj

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