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New ‘Šarcism’: he wanted to comment on the minister’s proposal, but he put his foot in his mouth

The president of LMŠ, Marjan Šarec, once again took care of a new ‘Šarcism’. It happened when he commented on the proposal for a new Minister for Digitisation.

In today’s statement in the National Assembly, he described the proposal for a new minister as a diversion of attention, “after the big fiasco in the referendum on the water law, just proving how they work and nothing has happened”. He agrees on the importance of digitalisation for the state, but adds: “When your roof leaks and your house collapses, you are probably not talking about a heat pump, but you renovate it first.” “Talking about it now is like an orchestra rehearsing new songs on the Titanic,” added the LMŠ champion.

Of course, his statement provoked outrage, as it was Šarec who left his “Titanic” among the first when it started sinking.

By: Demokracija

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