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More Than 40 Thousand Pensioners Have Passed On Their Demands To The Prime Minister And President Of The Republic

On Tuesday, the 3rd of May, the fourth nationwide pensioners’ rally was held in Ljubljana, where those gathered demanded that the President of the Republic replace her adviser on pensioners’ issues, Biserka Meden Marolt, and demanded that the government ensures higher pensions. In his address, Mr Rupar stressed that the protests would continue and that they would soon connect with farmers, workers, and others. He also pointed out that new times are coming: “A new dance is coming, a dance of honest, conscious Slovenians!”

4.45 p.m. The rally ended, and Rupar wished everyone a safe journey home.

4.38 p.m. At the rally, the organisers also gave those gathered instructions to sign a proposal to amend the law to allow and compensate for the need to increase pensions. You can read more about this (in Slovenian) HERE. 

4.30 p.m. Pensioner Miha from Krško pointed out that Prime Minister Golob had welcomed Mr Rupar for talks, which is a big development. He pointed out that they are standing in front of the NLB building, which we taxpayers had recapitalised with billions of euros. He also recalled the untouchability of the family of the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, the loot at the Thermal Power Plant Šoštanj, and the theft of electricity from the nuclear plant.

4.10 p.m. Pavel Rupar: “The President of the Republic has chosen Biserka Marolt Meden, who is in favour of euthanasia, as her adviser on pensioners’ issues. This is the kind of adviser Adolf Hitler would have wanted in the Third Reich. The Nazis helped the mentally handicapped and then the elderly to an early death. We demand that you let her go and do not speak to her on our behalf. We want a person who will help the elderly and will be an incentive to live a long life and not to die too soon.” Rupar also pointed out that more important laws than the law on euthanasia need to be adopted first. “What is happening that is causing nothing to happen?!!” Rupar wondered, directing his question at Prime Minister Golob. “We pensioners are demanding our money back! Sober up and find the money to give it back to us! This is obviously a deliberate destruction of the nation! Are we facing a silent genocide? It is time to RESIST! If there are 44 thousand of us here today, there will be even more of us next time! We are the winners in this battle! We will continue our protests, we will connect and join forces with the farmers, the workers… I wish for all of us that our lives will become more carefree. A new dance is coming, the dance of honest, conscious Slovenians! God bless you; God bless our dear Slovenia!”

4.05 p.m. Rupar read a letter from a pensioner from Murska Sobota, whose husband had been killed in a fatal accident, leaving her alone with her children. Her sons had gone to Germany, and her daughters died of leukaemia. Her pension is only 370 euros. She pointed out in her letter that there are tens of thousands more pensioners like her. All the people who fight for higher pensioners have given her the will to live.

4.00 p.m. Pavel Rupar: “I am proud that we have been invited to talks with the Prime Minister and will be equal partners in further discussions on pension issues. We have also received an invitation from the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. I will inform her about the life of pensioners and tell her our opinion about her visit to Africa.”

3.55 p.m. Jožica Svete, the legendary singer of the Avsenik family, sang.

3.47 p.m. Tone, a pensioner from Celje, addressed the protesters. “Our dissatisfaction is growing. Where is the money from our taxes going? The government should let the farmers work on our land and not hinder their work. We have had enough of promises and deceit. We elected you to make our lives better.”

3.45 p.m. Those gathered at the protest sang the Slovenian national anthem – Zdravljica (A Toast).

3.37 p.m. Rupar, speaking to all those gathered in the fight for just pensions, to which they are entitled, said: “Let us first pray the prayer of Our Father in silence.”

3.35 p.m. The protesters returned to Republic Square.

3.30 p.m. The protesters continued their march along Slovenska Street, Cankarjeva Street, and back to Prešernova Street. “The government is going down! We want pensions!”

3.20 p.m. The protesters came to Gregorčičeva Street and stopped in front of the government building, where they “sang to Robert Golob.” Rupar: “All those gathered here today, say hello to Dr Robert Golob! You are treating us worse than scum! Us pensioners, we have just three words to say to you: we want pensions!”

3.15 p.m. First, the protesters stopped in front of the Presidential Palace, where they sang a song for the President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, regarding the promotion of euthanasia – the suicide of the elderly. “We want life, we don’t want death!” was heard during the song dedicated to her.

3.10 p.m. Tens of thousands of pensioners marched around Ljubljana.

3.00 p.m. Pavel Rupar invited those gathered to a march around the streets of Ljubljana. He also called on everyone to hand in their certified forms expressing support for the law on the pension increase at the points located in Republic Square.

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