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Minister Fajon Is Posting Photos With Wind In Her Hair And A Harley Davidson

“Just a little while to go…” is what Tanja Fajon, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, wrote under a photo of her with a motorbike that she posted on her Instagram a few days ago. Meanwhile, the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) is helping on the ground every day.

Following the catastrophic storms and floods, damage assessment and rehabilitation are ongoing in the affected parts of Slovenia, and in the meantime, the government is preparing an intervention law and looking for other ways to tackle such a challenging project in an operational manner. Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister is posting photos on social media and talking about how she cannot wait to ride her motorcycle again. A Harley Davidson.

Minister Tanja Fajon‘s post shows that she has absolutely no political feeling or sympathy for those who found themselves in such a tough situation, which requires extraordinary efforts from all members of the government, right down to the people on the ground. We would have expected all this from the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and the President of the party in charge of the department for the absorption of European funds – the Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD). It is precisely in this area that success will be crucial and will depend on how effectively and to what extent the government is able to help the people affected. Indeed, by the end of the month – that is when the deadline is set – the government should have completed the Recovery and Resilience Plan in order to be able to use the 2.8 billion euros from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, which at the moment can solve the essential resource problem.

However, Tanja Fajon was one of the last ministers of the Golob government to return from her annual leave at the start of the storm. On the other hand, SDS MPs and other members of the party are still helping people affected by the floods on a daily basis. As they say, there is still a lot to do, but there is enough work to do at every turn. On Tuesday, they visited Mozirje, and they even brought a brand new washing machine for a family that lost all of its appliances in the floods.

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