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MEP Grošelj Is Trying In Vain to Get His Hands On the Non-Existent “Non-Paper”

The transitional network in Slovenia is desperate. After the latest appearances of the left-wing part of the opposition, when they finally admitted that they do not have the opportunity to file a successful constructive vote of no confidence which would take Slovenia to early elections, they are now once again dragging the “artificial affair” of this year, the “non-paper” on Bosnia and Herzegovina, back into the spotlight. Thus, the Member of the European Parliament from the ALDE party and member of the LMŠ party, Klemen Grošelj, demanded that the European Council deliver a letter from Prime Minister Janez Janša on Bosnia and Herzegovina. The situation gets even more absurd when you realise that this document does not exist, which has also repeatedly been stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anže Logar, Ph.D.

The Bosnian web portal published the information sent to it by a member of the LMŠ party and MEP Klemen Grošlej, who stated that the European Council would hand over all the documentation of the current Slovenian government on the Bosnian documents to him. As a reference, he cited a document published in Odlazek’s media outlet, Necenzurirano (Uncensored), the journalists of which were actually the driving force behind yet another artificial affair directed by the transitional network.

The entire affair fell when the government concluded that the last document on Bosnia and Herzegovina was actually compiled by Milan Kučan during the time of Pahor’s government. In the document, Kučan wrote exactly what the mainstream media accused the current government of writing. We also discovered that individuals from Brussels were pulling strings and giving the affair an international undertone. In a large number of our articles, we revealed that Marko Makovec (the SD party) and Ivo Vajgl, as well as Roman Jakič, who are both strongly involved in the higher currents of the ALDE party in Brussels, were also very “helpful” in this matter.

The affair was carried out by the transitional media with Milan Kučan’s 2011 document on Bosnia and Herzegovina
When researching the non-paper affair, we spoke to many experts who denied all allegations from the mainstream media. In his texts, Dimitrij Rupel, Ph.D., who was a Foreign Minister in several of the left-wing and right-wing governments and is also one of the greatest experts on Slovenian foreign policy, described the non-paper affair as a fabrication.
The author of this article already presented the only credible document on Bosnia and Herzegovina on his Twitter profile in April, and the document differs significantly from the one that was published in the mainstream media.

Even if Grošelj expects to get his hands on a new “exclusive” for carrying out new scandals, he will quickly realise that all he will get is Kučan’s document on Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2011. We could also see that the international affair was most advocated by those politicians from the former republics with strong ties with the Slovenian Social Democrats. With his public appearance in one of the Bosnian shows, Kučan also spoke up and claimed that the document in question – the one he wrote – is not controversial. Of course it is not, if the former president of the country himself composed it.

Bringing up the already forgotten affair is proof that the left-wing part of the opposition and its “Brussels” aides are desperately looking for something to cling to, which would help them discredit the current government during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, or perhaps even help them tear it down. It is the Brussels members of the left-wing political network who are trying their hardest to slander the reputation of our country abroad with made-up stories. Even if the price for that is Slovenia not receiving the European funds – which is what the Slovenian Commissioner Janez Lenarčič is trying to achieve.

Luka Perš

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