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Media Outlets from Around the World: The Champions League Is Falling Apart Under Čeferin

Aleksander Čeferin is in “a bit of a pickle” because UEFA is falling apart before his very eyes while he is happily discussing Slovenian politics on POP TV. As many as 12 European football clubs are leaving the Champions League.

Europe is witnessing a football earthquake like no other. Twelve influential European clubs have formed the Super League, despite the fact that the European Football Association (UEFA) made it clear that if they decide to do this, sanctions will follow.

Clearly, the management of UEFA is not as good as Aleksander Čeferin is trying to make us believe. For the millions he gets paid for his salary, he obviously should have put in a little more effort. A war is coming, a real rift; several questions have arisen, and the future of the Champions League, the flagship and the most profitable product of the UEFA, is extremely uncertain at the moment. This is, of course, a severe blow for Aleksander Čeferin, the president of UEFA, who was supposed to present the new competition model of the Champions League on Monday.

Čeferin is dealing with Slovenian politics, while he should be facing a whole pile of problems in UEFA
The green light for the establishment of the Super League, a closed competition in which 20 clubs are expected to take part (of which 16 are permanent), has already been lit by 12 European club giants from England, Italy and Spain. Namely, these clubs are (in alphabetical order): AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham.

The threats that the UEFA management, along with the football federation of England, Italy and Spain and the management of the first league competitions in each of the mentioned countries, addressed to all potential participants in the Super League had no effect. Even though the umbrella football association described the Super League as a cynical project, based on the selfish interest of a few clubs, and announced that it would fight it with all possible means and at every level, even that was not enough to change anything.

Therefore, it would really be better if Čeferin dealt with football instead of Slovenian politics.


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