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Logar Is The Winner of the first round of the presidential elections!

With 99.99 percent of the votes counted, Anže Logar received 33.96 percent of the votes, while Nataša Pirc Musar received 26.86 percent. Milan Brglez had a 15.40 percent support, Vladimir Prebilič received 10.66 percent of the vote, Sabina Senčar 5.96 percent, Janez Cigler Kralj 4.35 percent, and Miha Kordiš 2.80 percent.

The winner of the first round of the presidential elections, Anže Logar thanked all voters for their votes in his address in response to his qualification for the second round. In his opinion, this is confirmation that the slogan of his campaign, “Let’s Work Together for the Future,” is what we need in Slovenia in the next five years. “Let’s work together, and Slovenia’s future will be bright,” he said. Logar congratulated the independent candidate Nataša Pirc Musar, with whom he will compete in the second round of the presidential elections in three weeks’ time. He expects a substantive debate, and in the end, the voters will decide who will be more convincing, Logar said. “As President of the Republic, I will be the President of all citizens, and that is how I will approach my campaign before the second round,” he said.

“From this day onward, we are deciding on where Slovenia will be in five years’ time. We can continue to divide ourselves into left and right, but I think that dialogue and a winning spirit are what truly matters. It is time to shake hands and stop looking for what we do not like about others, and start looking for what unites us,” he urged. “The challenges that lie ahead are too risky to continue to divide us,” he pointed out. His goal is a better, more prosperous and more relaxed Slovenia, with an entrepreneurial spirit and proud citizens. Logar praised the atmosphere among the presidential candidates during the campaign. “Even though we had completely different points of view, we maintained a respectful dialogue and proved that this is possible in Slovenian politics,” he said.

He plans to meet as many voters as possible in the coming weeks of the campaign. He said he would prove that “there will be much more support” in the second election and that he would come into the new term as the winner, “as the President of all citizens, and that we will be able to put the programme I present in the campaign into practice over the next five years.”

Sara Kovač

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