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Leftists attacked the Slovenian Ministry of Culture

On Wednesday night, some uncultured anonymous perpetrators caused damage to the taxpayers again. Another attack on the building of the Ministry of Culture happened. “Another one in a series of attacks on the Ministry and the employees, which are now happening almost every week,” the Ministry of Culture commented on what happened. Namely, several unknown perpetrators drew yellow swastikas on the façade of the building. The footage shows that around eleven o’clock at night, four men with hoods approached the Ministry, “did what they had to do,” and then quickly ran away. They came from Metelkova Street, and from the video, it is clear that they then also returned to the yard of their “cultural centre.”

The current ministerial team, led by the Minister of Culture Vasko Simoniti, has had to swallow lots of criticism at its own expense during its term in office. They have to listen to unfounded and manipulative attacks by the mainstream media, the left-wing opposition parties, and parts of civil society on a daily basis.

A small number of cultural workers with a lot of media support have already caused quite a few incidents in front of the entrance to the building of the Ministry of Culture. In the summer of last year, theatre actors Primož Bezjak and Katarina Stegnar staged a protest striptease. Cultural workers also thought it was quite witty when they set up school desks outside of the Ministry, with the surnames of the employees of the Ministry written on them, and then covered them with “blood” – which was actually red paint. The house of the current Minister of Culture Vasko Simoniti has also been vandalised quite a few times in the past year. The exterior of the building of the Ministry was also repeatedly covered in different colours. Just remember the threats made by the self-employed cultural worker Zlatan Čordič after one of the employees at the Ministry of Culture refused to extend his status.

Why have the police and the prosecution still not found any culprits for the repeated destruction of the building of the Ministry of Culture?
The strange thing is that the cameras should have caught all of the perpetrators a long time ago. As in the previous actions, they were also destroying the exterior of the building this time. According to the picture, where a yellow swastika is drawn on every window, the perpetrator’s “artistic” creation took quite some time to make.

The incident was also reported to the police on Thursday night. Police officers checked the surroundings and the building and are continuing to collect notices on suspicion of the crime of damaging a foreign object, in which about 500 euros worth of damage was caused. According to the police, the perpetrators are not yet known, and the competent state prosecutor’s office will be notified of all findings.

Luka Perš

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