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Left-Wing Activists From The Public Radio-Television Slovenia Usurped The Studio Again

The left-wing activists have once again usurped the studio of the public media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia. This time, they stood behind the tv show hosts Igor E. Bergant and Jasmina Jamnik, where they were supposedly expressing solidarity with the journalists who were supposedly being “pressured.” The latter have not yet managed to explain in a single case who it is that is exerting pressure and who is being pressured, which is why they have long since lost all credibility with the critical public. But they are apparently unmoved by this loss, perhaps because they never really had any credibility in the first place.

According to our information, the latest “blitzkrieg” was organised by Miša Molk. This is unusual, to say the least, because the latter is employed in the RTV news programme, but she is there as part of the inventory, without any special work duties. In other words, she earns good money for little or no work. It should also be clear to her, as a long-standing tv presenter, that she is not allowed to enter the studio during the recording of a programme, which is exactly what the employees did.

And the composition of the people who entered the studio is not the least bit surprising. In the front row, we saw the living legends of biased reporting – Eugenia Carl and Erika Žnidaršič, as well as Boris Vasev and others who would obviously like to become textbook examples of biased reporting. The only question is whether they will actually succeed because even dilettantism requires innovation – which is something they do not possess. Namely, invading a studio is a move that was already “patented” last year, during the epidemic, by the singing Major Ladislav Troha, whom the radical leftists at RTV have more than obviously taken as an idol and role model.

“Pathetic leftists”
The video of the bizarre event was shared online by Jure Poglajen, a left-wing online activist, but his public posting of the video provoked reactions that are probably not to his liking. Thus, two comments appeared under the post in question – one user wrote: “Solidarity with the mafia cartel,” while another simply concluded that these are “Pathetic leftists.” The social media user, whose alias is Franc Zoro, also responded to the post of the Slovene Association of Journalists by writing: “All of you here in the studio are servants and prisoners of a surviving and discarded idea, communism, which you hide behind the idea of a social and just society. In reality, you are merely protecting the interests of the red elites, who have become what they are by stealing the efforts of those who would have brought Slovenia to prosperity.”

Andrej Žitnik

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