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Karmen Kozmus Fejan Is Now a Member of Parliament – This Is What Her Husband, Who Is Also an MP, Wrote to Her

“I am very happy that my mandate as a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia was confirmed today,” said Karmen Kozmus Ferjan, who recently joined her husband Jure Ferjan in parliament. Kozmus Ferjan ran in the 2018 parliamentary elections and received more than 4,000 votes. “With my work, I hope and want to justify the trust of all voters who voted for me,” she pointed out.

“We have become the first married parliamentary couple in the history of Slovenia. My dear Karmen, you are a wonderful mother and wife; you are hardworking, honest, just and brave; you are my pride and my inspiration. You will make an excellent MP. Best of luck, from the bottom of my heart,” wrote SDS MP Jure Ferjan. Namely, Karmen Kozmus Ferjan’s mandate as a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia was recently confirmed.

Replacing the SDS MP Ljubo Žnidar, who recently resigned, Karmen Kozmus Ferjan has now joined the National Assembly as an MP, the Slovenian Press Agency reports. Before becoming an MP, Kozmus Ferjan was employed as a public relations consultant at the Ministry of Finance, and she is also a City Councillor in the Municipality of Celje. In the 2018 parliamentary elections, she ran on the SDS party’s list in the Celje I electoral district, where she received 28.9 percent of all votes. The alternate MP, 36-year-old Kozmus Ferjan, was previously also an assistant to the late MEP Patricia Šulin.

Žnidar was also an alternate MP who decided to leave his position to continue his professional career in the economic field. In April last year, he replaced the former SDS MP Jelka Godec, who was appointed State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. So while Godec continues her work as State Secretary, her “substitute” in the National Assembly will be Kozmus Ferjan.

Sara Kovač

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