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Joc Pečečnik On Business Prospects: We Are Expecting A Disastrous Year In 2023

The Slovenian Business Club (SBC) presented the former President of the Republic, Borut Pahor, with a golden key as a sign of appreciation for his contribution to the visibility and reputation of domestic entrepreneurship abroad. The symbolic value of the key will give Pahor free access to the Club’s facilities and services. The details of any future cooperation are not yet known. Mr Pečečnik said on this occasion that he expects a disastrous business year but was pleased that the decline in economic activity is happening at a much slower pace than expected.

The renowned Slovenian entrepreneur Joc Pečečnik expressed serious concerns about the business prospects for next year. Pečečnik: “I expect a disastrous year. I am glad that the decline in economic activity in Slovenia is happening at a much slower pace than expected, though.” Pečečnik therefore expects the government of Robert Golob to change its attitude towards entrepreneurs, whom he currently perceives as “cash cows”. Namely, Pečečnik expects Golob to finally come up with effective measures to save the economy, the Slovenian Press Agency reports.

If companies were to find themselves in an even more difficult situation, the crisis would show its true face. Pečečnik, as President of the Slovenian Business Club, was speaking at a ceremony of the Club in Ljubljana. At the event, former President of the Republic Borut Pahor was presented with the SBC’s golden key, in appreciation of his activities at home and abroad, which have helped raise the profile and reputation of Slovenian entrepreneurship. Pahor also often “opened some doors” through his contacts. The SBC intends to award its golden key to all former Presidents of the Republic. The latter “unlocks” free access to the infrastructure and services provided by the Club (lounge, meeting rooms, concierge service and chauffeur-driven cars).

They want to guarantee all this to former Presidents of the Republic, regardless of the changing political climate. Pahor is satisfied with his work as President of the Republic and is willing to help in the future if needed. Pečečnik appreciates this, as the former President has a large number of international contacts that are still fresh and friendly. Pahor also commented on his view of the current economic situation in the country. In his view, Slovenia is better prepared for the crisis today than it was a decade ago, thanks to the experience it has gained in fighting the epidemic. However, there are potential risks in the event of a further escalation of the geopolitical situation.

Domen Mezeg

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