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Janša: These Elections Will Be A Fight For Europe!

“Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) has just submitted a strong list of candidates for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. These elections will be a fight for Europe, a fight for the Europe that Slovenia was entering 20 years ago. We expected everything that the older generations missed in Yugoslavia from the European Union – democracy, a high level of human rights protection, personal freedoms, and prosperity,” said opposition leader Janez Janša.

SDS party President Janez Janša announced on the X network and at a press conference that his party has submitted a strong list of candidates for the elections to the European Parliament. He stressed that the upcoming elections will be a fight for the Europe we entered 20 years ago. He recalled that we expected from Europe all that Yugoslavia had robbed us of – democracy, human rights, personal freedoms and prosperity.

Janša: The EU has failed in many areas

Janša then added: “This is also the time for reflection. It is a fact that the European Union has met many of the expectations we had, but it has also fallen short in many areas. And this fight for Europe will be a fight to steer this path in the same direction that the European Union was headed towards when Slovenia joined it.”

MEP Tomc: We are in favour of an equal European Union, for equal standards for all!

Romana Tomc, current SDS party Member of the European Parliament and the leader of the candidate list, also spoke at the press conference, saying: “We are big proponents of a strong, equal European Union, which is based on equal standards for all. We stand for European values, and we will fight for them. We are a party of cooperation, not a party of exclusion. This will also be reflected in our fight for a better Europe.”

“We can be partly satisfied with the EU, but lately, we have also seen some cracks appearing, which people have been reminding us of. Farmers have been gathering in protest on the streets in large numbers. Others are also noticing that progressive and woke ideology is not what they would like to see,” said MEP Tomc.

At the same time, Janša stressed that it is time for a European Union that will not claim rights that do not belong to it, that will leave individual Member States the freedom to do the things they can do better alone, and that will ensure security, prosperity, democracy, and the protection of the European way of life. The names on the SDS party’s candidate list are: Romana Tomc, Milan Zver, Aleš Hojs, Franc Breznik, Branko Grims, Franc Kangler, Alenka Forte, Karin Planinšek and Zala Tomašič.

Domen Mezeg

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