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Janša: The Situation Is Serious. Arm Yourselves. Legally.

Janez Janša has posted an extended post on the social network X about why he thinks the average Slovenian citizen should legally arm themself. The President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) believes that the current government is incapable of protecting Slovenia and its citizens.

“Thank you to all those who have spread the appeal. And also to those who have inadvertently done the same. I am thinking of the radicalised media stars who, during the time of the Covid-19 epidemic, daily called for illegal actions or promoted those who did so, but are now horrified when someone warns people of the danger coming in time, and calls for legal actions,” the former Prime Minister wrote on the social network X.

We are publishing the full text of his post below.

“The wise understood my call. Those smart and responsible will heed it. The rest will trust Golob, Poklukar and Šarec (or even Jenull, Kovač, Muki and the “pride” parades) to be able to protect Slovenia and to protect them personally in the event of terrorist attacks. Which is a bit like believing in 1991 that Školč, Jakić and Aksentijević could protect Slovenia in the event of the Yugoslavian People’s Army’s aggression. These are officials of the current government of the Republic of Slovenia who, since June, have ignored calls from the SDS party to convene a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss measures to curb illegal migration and manage security risks. They have been tearing down the fence on our southern border, and so now, when in a panic they are reintroducing border controls with our neighbouring countries (although only yesterday Golob was claiming that such controls were of no help), they are merely diverting the flow of illegal immigrants from the roads to the cart tracks.

Prime Minister Golob even said recently that the only solution to the problem of illegal migration is to make it legal!!!! Migrants understood that similarly to Angela Merkel‘s statement in 2015 that they are welcome in Germany. Interior Minister Poklukar said a few days ago that the police have proved their competence by processing more than 40,000 illegal migrants in the asylum procedure in Slovenia this year!!!!?? They did not prevent their entry, but instead enabled it!!! The current Minister of Defence is running his department like a reality show. At the same time, the current Golob government is richly financing the so-called NGOs who, at a recent rally in Ljubljana, directly called for the destruction of the State of Israel and threatened the “infidels” with a “holy” war.

We believe that Slovenian police officers would rather prevent illegal migration than play the role of taxi drivers from the borders to asylum houses. But as the African proverb says: An army of lions led by an elephant will always be defeated by an army of elephants led by a lion. Minister Poklukar is not even able to set up a police station in Ivančna Gorica, so the people of Suha Krajina have had to set up village guards.

The world has changed a lot in the last decade. In the Euro-Atlantic area, mostly for the worse. Western civilisation has been seriously undermined from within in its value foundations. Once again, unpunished evil from Moscow is physically threatening our eastern neighbourhood. The pressure of mass illegal migration is radically dismantling the existing way of life in the European Union and strengthening militant, pro-terrorist nuclei across European metropolises. Once safe and prosperous cities are experiencing an unprecedented increase in crime. Unfortunately, this includes Ljubljana.

The latest incursion into Israel by Palestinian terrorists (once trained en masse in Pančevo in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) has reaffirmed the importance of people being armed – legally and well. In many places, armed individuals in kibbutzim have successfully prevented even greater slaughter of women and children.

It is human nature to hope for the best and to overlook the ominous signs of impending threats. Thus, in January 1991, only 15% of the respondents of a public opinion poll said that they definitely expected armed intervention by the Yugoslav People’s Army when Slovenia declared itself an independent state. Top left-wing functionaries signed a petition against the Slovenian Armed Forces. And that happened at a time when all the signs clearly showed us that the Yugoslav People’s Army would attack us and that we needed the army if we were to fulfil the plebiscite will of the people.

Even today, at least three things are clear to the literate:

  1. That we can expect, with a high probability, an escalation of the security situation.
    2. That the current authorities are not even remotely capable of timely assessment, preparation, and action.
    3. That everyone is, therefore, entitled and obliged to do everything possible within the framework of the constitutional order to protect their family and their country.

And therefore: the situation is serious. Arm yourselves. Legally.

S. K.

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