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In the past year, did Robert Golob secure another 800 thousand euros in prize money in addition to his high salary?

According to sources obtained by investigative journalist Bojan Požar, the new political candidate Robert Golob is said to be quite modest in revealing his salary at Gen-I. According to him, Golob did not disclose the award that awaits him in 2021. Supposedly, Golob received an award of 800,000 euros last year, meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy has already called on the company to check the compliance of all gross paid remuneration of executives in recent years and further called on those responsible to demand the return of overpaid remuneration.

Požareport states that the future politician Robert Golob is misleading with the data on his salary at Gen-I, as he supposedly published more modest income. Golob presented to the public data on salaries for 2020, and for 2021 he is still expected to receive another award of 800 thousand euros after the end of the balance sheet, based on increased turnover in Gen-I.

According to a source from Gen-I, the company is expected to allocate 5 million euros in financial resources for employee rewards in 2021. Two million euros will be received by the company’s management, of which 40 percent would go to former chairman of the board Golob. Whether the allegations are true, we also checked ourselves in Gen-I. Once we receive the answer, we will also publish it.

In December, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology initiated misdemeanour proceedings against the supervisory bodies of GEN-I d, GEN-EL, GEN-I ESCO and ELEKTRO ENERGIJA because the supervisory authorities did not submit contracts with company directors in time to the Ministry as stated in the provisions of the Remuneration of Managers Act in companies majority owned by the Republic of Slovenia and self-governing local communities (ZPPOGD) following changes in the ownership structure.

It should also be noted that Golob received around half a million euros in annual gross salary, which ranks him among the best paid managers in state-owned companies.

The Ministry is demanding the return of overpaid benefits

In addition, the supervisory bodies of GEN-I Ltd. called on them to check the compliance of all gross paid remuneration of management staff with the provisions of the ZPPOGD in previous years. “Let us emphasise that contractual provisions that are not in accordance with the ZPPOGD are null and void,” they warned. In the light of this, they also called on those responsible to demand the return of overpaid benefits in accordance with the ZPPOGD and to inform them of all activities aimed at establishing the legal status.

Sara Rančigaj

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