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How They Sent the Sharpest Media Blades to Fight Against Boris Tomašič and Why the Chains on Their Chainsaws Might Get Stuck

The leftists were very upset by the recent episode of the show “Who Is Lying to You” (“Kdo vam laže”) on Nova24TV, which is hosted and moderated by Boris Tomašič. “Incitement, lies and madness” are all his alleged sins, and due to his supposed “primitivism, vulgarity and calls to violence,” the “appropriate authorities” should take action. Did we all watch the same show? If we did, then some of us probably had popcorn and coke in our hands, while the on-call leftists were probably holding on to something else. Apparently, they bought all the goods from their suppliers on that Tuesday.

But let’s get serious now. It is perfectly normal and human to be angry at your competition that is steadily expanding its reach. However, the problem arises when you are stupid about it, which causes sparks to fire between the wrong brain cells, ultimately leading to personalised ideological hatred. That is why lately, the leftists have been seeing the apparitions of Boris Tomašič in fruit plains and blueberry fields, instead of scarecrows. “He is everywhere, they cannot get him out of their heads. This is quite unpleasant, but the new government is satisfied, because it knows that they have sent their sharpest media blades to the front, to fight against the young television station (apparently, an investigative commission alone will not be enough).” Namely, the ship is heading straight for the bright horizons, the captain is on board, and the ensemble is playing – and there is no way that they are going to let Tomašič ruin any of that.

And that is the reason for the general mobilisation for a definitive solution to the Nova24TV “issue.” The battle for the Prime Minister’s love and affection is relentless. Some people have already climbed halfway up the mast or are adding up loyalty points in order to send the TV show host who dares to let viewers speak on air (so they can say what they really mean) behind bars, as he brings a special price – to stand on top of a decorated pillar and get rid of the status of an “incel” – either male or female. We all know that the media is the holy grail in the leftist religion of domestic posthumanism, that they want total national control over all media outlets and that they predict the destruction of those they cannot get under their control. “And they simply cannot get Nova24TV to subordinate to them because this is a private television station. Hence the rampage, where the outstretched hands of the old and the new left met.”

Both with the same Marxist pedigree and the same goal – to bring down any and all ideological opponents and slaughter them with chainsaws. There is no way to rationally explain their rage. On the one hand, they claim that Nova24TV is watched by less than two thousand viewers, and on the other, it is apparently being watched by the entire leftist milieu. The same happened in the case of a lawsuit against the “Democracy” magazine (“Demokracija”), with Škorc’s commentary piece, where (practically) none of the prosecution’s witnesses were regular readers of the magazine in question. But when it comes to sitting in both seats, suddenly, everyone knows what is what. There must be some deeper reason for this duality (and we already know that the leftists have double standards). “Perhaps it is anxiety, or maybe loneliness. I want to ask, in all seriousness, is there any Scotch whiskey in the world to help a person listen to their delusions about Tomašič?”

First discrediting, then liquidation: will the proud successors of the Communist Party of Slovenia send in the secret police as well?
“It is perfectly valid to believe that the words of his viewers were at times rough and direct; at times even insulting and vulgar. But people said what they really thought, and Tomašič is not a man who would try to prevent them from doing that. And why would he? Direct, offensive, and even vulgar words are part of freedom of speech as a human right, and on the other hand, not being offended is not a human right.” That is something that the leftists still fail to comprehend to this day. Which is definitely not Nova24TV’s fault. I do not even want to lose any of my time by commenting on the accusation that he called for violence and rebellion. Any computer-literate person can quickly search the internet to find the “protesters’ vocabulary” from the time of Janša’s government, and there, he would actually be able to read or hear what incitement and violence mean (even in a materialised form). But who cares about that, right?

If the leftists fail to solve the Tomašič issue with a pogrom and by sending law enforcement agencies to Štihova street 7, they will try it with a prestigious investigative commission and with the best manners of the communist political police. But as far as I know him, he is not likely to give up just like that. He never hid his worldview nor his intentions about the direction he wants to take Nova24TV to. “In addition to common sense, he also has courage.” Unlike the left-wing media sectarians who are now threatening him. And it is them, not Nova24TV, who are the ones actually dangerous for a democratic and free environment. Nova24TV has nothing to apologise for. Not even Tomašič. Explanations are also superfluous. If we are, at least in part, the country that the Constitution stipulates we are.

“I would not expect this from people who claim to be against authoritarianism and are supposedly great lovers of freedom.”
However, we are probably not the country we should be, according to the Constitution. Today’s Slovenia is not an environment where the perception of differences and sophisticated nuances can be taken for granted. Heterodoxy from progressive doctrine is not permitted. It is either full agreement, or you become the victim of cancel culture. The ritual is already known: being against everything and anything that even faintly smells of being right-wing, and you will get your harvest, respect, and an invitation from the big media outlets. Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of arrows flying in all directions. I would not expect this from people who claim to be against authoritarianism and are supposedly great lovers of freedom. But in a way, it is understandable – since the leftists cannot cover their little minds with a veil of tolerance, they instead decided to kick Tomašič to the curb because of his views. “I do not know if they feel good about it, but they definitely at least get a Pingo juice and a sandwich for it.”

Kavarna Hayek


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