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High School Students Were Forced to Watch Left-Wing Propaganda and the Destruction of the Slovenian Flag

As part of the mandatory content of their high school education programme, the high school students recently went to see the “updated” Cankar’s play Hlapci (Hired Hands) put on by the Slovenian Youth Theatre (Mladinsko gledališče) in the Ljubljana Festival Hall. The teenagers filmed it all.

The “updated version” of the famous play Hired Hands by Ivan Cankar (which is how they presented the play to the students) took place in a setting where the leaflets of the Left party (Levica) and the Friday’s cyclists were scattered on the floor.

“There was so much bashing of Janez Janša in that play, and some students were on the verge of tears,” one of the parents of the high schoolers said. In one of the video clips of the play, we can also see a crazed woman (allegedly an actress) hitting the ground with the Slovenian flag and screaming: “Down with Slovenia! Down, Slovenia! Down, Slovenia!” And also: “We will also gather in front of the National Assembly, and if necessary, we will kill you, f**k, God does not love you.” The hall was plastered with pictures of communist executioners (Tito, Kardelj).
Twitter user Erika Planinšeč also commented: “Too bad they did not include the clip I also saw of her masturbating with a candle in front of the “altar”… If anyone thinks this is appropriate for students, or basically for anyone at all, then the whole thing can go to hell…”




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