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Hate speech of the left pole on the social networks has only intensified since the new government took office, and has crossed all boundaries of good taste!

What we can often hear from the left-wing political parties and the related media, professors, intellectuals and representatives of non-governmental organizations, is that the right-wing political pole supposedly often uses techniques that include hate speech. In this article, we are presenting a few examples that reveal the actual prevalent situation on social media. Since our media outlet has written about the hate speech of the left-wing individuals several times before, we have now decided to also publish pictures that clearly show the hatred towards the opposite political pole. And all of this is shamelessly supported by the Slovenian mainstream media, which supports the left-wing political ideology. “Such threats are not being prosecuted by the prosecution in Slovenia, and the mainstream media do not condemn them, but instead, both encourage them,” the Prime Minister Janša said.

The SNS, NSi, SDS and SMC parliamentary groups have already filed a request for a parliamentary debate on hate speech. Ninety percent of the media space in Slovenia is not in support of the current government, as the media mostly ideologically belong to the transitional political left. Before the world was introduced to social networks, the media truth in Slovenia was in the hands of the left. You must not forget what Ivan Kramberger, who was killed in 1992, said just a few months before his death: “And they whey will not rule, I add, then they will protest and call for the death of those who rule, but are not from their ranks.”

All the major print media in the world have been facing a severe loss of readership over the last decade. This is also happening to the mainstream media in Slovenia, the daily newspapers Večer, Delo and Dnevnik, and to a part of Odlazek’s media empire. In one of our previous articles, we revealed that even during the time of a “dictatorship and the loss of media freedom,” they received from 200 thousand to 1.6 million euros of taxpayers’ money. While the printed media are losing their readers, many users have now moved to the internet and started reading the news of small alternative online media outlets, which provide different views on current affairs than the mainstream media in Slovenia. The media cartel in the service of the Constitutional Arch Coalition is filled with untruths that the users who think differently are revealing on social networks! Therefore, the media cartel is demanding regulation, in order to erase the part of the Slovenian public that is critical of their work! The media cartel in the service of the Constitutional Arch Coalition was not prepared for the unexpected competition in the media sphere. They began to spread their fear of competition by saying they are being discredited, insulted, and that their media freedom is being encroached upon. However, ever since the introduction of social media, thousands of inappropriate and offensive comments have been written by both right-wing and left-wing political options. No one can deny that.

Their biggest enemy is the current Prime Minister
However, the left, in particular, is trying to ignore part of the truth. They prefer filing criminal charges against those who think differently than they do. Their biggest enemy is the current Prime Minister Janez Janša. Due to being ignored in the Slovenian media space, he began using the social network Twitter and thus started becoming more and more influential. This started to bother the mainstream media under the influence of the forces of the former regime, so many calls have been made in public for Twitter to ban the current Prime Minister from the platform. Recently, the influential member of the SD party, Uroš Jauševec also demanded that. The same Jauševec who walked around with a USB drive during the time of the Pahor government, that contained the names of 600 candidates, as 600 staff should have been replaced with “our people!”

The hostility of the left-wing political and social pole can be observed most of the time, by every Slovenian, especially since last March, when the current government took power. The left-wing political option, which has ruled Slovenia since 1945 with a few short breaks, began using tactics such as mass intimidation, insults, and calls for the death of Janša and all those who agree with his politics. The largest parliamentary party, the SDS, won 222,042 votes in the latest parliamentary elections.

In 2020, a number of personal prosecutions were filed due to threats that were made by individuals publicly, on television, and quite a few government officials also wrote about it on social media, but their demands ended up in the trash. The prosecution rejected all filed cases, which also happened in Aleš Hojs’s case, which was rejected by the state prosecutor Klementina Prejac. According to Prejac, subjective fear or agitation of the victim is insufficient, as “the expressed threat must be objectively serious.”

The editor-in-chief of the news programme on the national television, Manica Ambrožič, can lament and play the victim of online comments; however, she does not seem to be capable of condemning the leftists who are threatening the Prime Minister Janez Janša with death. The debate is all the more necessary, as the situation has crossed all boundaries of good taste. Nobody in Slovenia is demanding that everyone agree with the policies of Janez Janša or Luka Mesec. That is why we have democratic elections, in which different political parties can compete. Parliament is the place where a cultural debate should take place, in which the members of parliament represent different opinions. Yes, even on the right, there were some high-profile cases of the so-called hate speech, but the number is minimal, compared to the hate speech coming from the left.

Online comments are critical in any media outlet; at times, they are even offensive and inappropriate, especially those concerning the opposite side, which is presented in the news article. However, Prime Minister Janša pointed out that the central Slovenian media are currently the biggest instigators of hostility among citizens. Let’s not forget that the editor-in-chief of the RTV Slovenia news programme, Manica Ambrožič, has tried to play the victim several times now, due to the messages the news programme editorial office receives. Such actions are reprehensible, but at the same time, Ambrožič has not publicly condemned the calls for the death of Janša and his supporters in 2020 even once. She calmly “accepted” all of it and even encouraged further such expressions. We cannot help but wonder – why?

Luka Perš

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