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Grims: The President Is Bothered By Freedom Of Speech And The Truth

In light of this year’s Pride Parade, MEP Branko Grims from the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) pointed out the biological fact that there are only two sexes (female and male). “The father is male, and the mother is female; therefore, there are only two sexes – however, there are an infinite number of mental illnesses!” he wrote, earning himself a media pogrom from the President of the Republic and the left’s media partner, 24ur.

“I find it hard to respect a politician who tries to win elections with intolerance,” said the President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, in an interview on POP TV on Tuesday night. Since she did not hold herself back on any criticism of Grims, many people see the interview as an attack on him, but since there was also no shortage of remarks about the ruling party, it seems that the ground is being prepared for another new face.

Grims received nods of agreements from his followers for his comments, along the lines of “That is a true pride parade – a family”; “It’s true! There are two sexes, male and female. The man is the father, and the woman is the mother!”; “I totally agree, and I am sure you will represent these values well in Brussels…”

The President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, who on the day of the Pride Parade pointed out, among other things, that “We are proud of our diversity and equality, which we are jointly nurturing and consolidating,” was unable to hide her criticism of Grims’ statement. “I can repeat this every day, over and over again. These people are among us, and they have absolutely equal rights to the life they have chosen. I will always support them on this path. It is not a mental illness at all,” she told Grims, and in the interview, she made it clear that every year, she will fly a rainbow flag at the Presidential Palace as a sign of support. She also mentioned that she would have attended this year’s parade, as she did last year, if she had not had to go to the peace conference in Switzerland instead of the Prime Minister.

As for Grims, the President also said that “it is difficult for her to respect a politician who is intolerantly trying to win an election.” She said this in reference to Grims’ participation in a conversation where a member of the so-called Slovenian Defence Guard (Slovenska obrambna straža – SOS), which had held an anti-immigration rally before the elections, was also present. She described these actions as dangerous, even though the largest opposition party, the SDS party, had clearly distanced itself from the group of masked men in question. In the podcast, to which he was invited as a guest, the SDS MEP stressed that “in a normal state governed by the rule of law, this point should not have been reached at all.” He has repeatedly pointed out in the past that illegal migration is a violation of the law in several respects, and that the government’s actions have led to a decline in security and have put citizens at risk. “People feel threatened, they don’t feel safe, so they form groups. This should not happen in a normal state governed by the rule of law,” he explained.

We decided to ask MEP Grims for a comment on the statements, who began by saying that “we clearly have a President of the country who is mixing her political function with ideological imposition.” “What the President of the country has done is, in fact, outrageous and is a scandal of the highest order which should lead to her resignation,” he believes. Grims pointed out that the President is clearly annoyed by the fact that he is speaking out on the topics in question. “This means that she opposes freedom of speech and then covers it up with various platitudes that sound so nice to left-wing ears.”

Since the President was most upset by the fact that Grims also spoke about the protection of children, he said that the only truth was the biological truth: “The father is male, and the mother is female; therefore, there are only two sexes – however, there are an infinite number of mental illnesses!” There are, he said, three fundamental truths in what he said. “All the biology of highly evolved beings, including man, is based on two sexes. One is a combination of xx chromosomes, the other xy. Nothing else exists biologically.” “Secondly, the mother is a woman, the father is a man. People can pretend all they want, call themselves whatever they want; that’s their problem, just don’t force it on others. This is a biological truth which is absolutely indisputable and historically and scientifically proven. Thirdly, there are many mental illnesses, one could say an infinite number of them.” This, he said, is a fact “that every basic science textbook in the field of psychology talks about.”

She is bothered by freedom of speech, and she is bothered by the truth

According to Grims, the President was reacting to something that is an indisputable fact; something that is a biological given, which means that she is bothered by the truth. “If you add these two things together, what actually bothers Madam President is the following: she is bothered by freedom of speech, and she is bothered by the truth. She has completely confused her office, in which she should be the President of all Slovenians, with ideology, or the imposition of an ideology that is extremely harmful to children,” he pointed out, adding that such a President is, therefore, completely unfit to hold office. “After all, nobody has the right to attack someone for merely expressing an opinion. If the opinion is scientifically based, because what I have said is the biological truth, then it means that Madam President is seeking censorship, that she is persecuting the truth, that she is bothered by the truth, and that restricting freedom of speech is something that is acceptable. This is clearly unconstitutional, and she has no right to act unconstitutionally,” Grims was critical of the President.

Children have every right not to have such a harmful ideology imposed on them

Grims pointed out that everyone has the right to express his or her own opinion, especially if that opinion is an indisputable biological given that is confirmed by all scientific evidence. He criticised LGBTQ+ propagandists who use the oldest trick of the left, i.e. “attributing everything hateful, inflammatory, negative, violent thing, which in reality is done exclusively by them, to someone else.” “Nobody has anything against anybody, let them do whatever they want at home, every adult can declare themselves to be whatever they want, or be in a group if that suits them, and we will all let them have a nice time, but they shouldn’t rape Slovenian children with this,” he stressed, adding that the people in question have no right to impose their ideology on anyone. “They have no right to restrict anyone from expressing an opposing opinion, and they have no right to attack anyone who stands up for the protection of children.” He said that children need to be protected from the ideology of LGBTQ+ cultural Marxism. “It is destructive for children because it confuses them and can lead them down a path that can end very badly for them. When it comes to sex reassignment surgery, it is usually a story that ends tragically. There are a lot of suicides, there are a lot of attempts to go back, but there is no going back in these cases,” he pointed out, adding that this ideology is, therefore, very harmful to children.

Children and the rights of their parents are protected by the Slovenian Constitution and international instruments

According to MEP Grims, children have the right to childhood, and the Slovenian Constitution and international rules should be strictly and unconditionally respected in this regard. Specifically, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is binding and states that “every child has the right to be brought up in a normal environment and to an upbringing that is normal, that is to say, an upbringing in accordance with classical values. This is being forgotten,” he noted, adding that this is an act that was adopted in 1989 at the UN. “Since it has been ratified by all European countries, it is also part of EU law. And on the other hand, we have the Slovenian Constitution, which says that the state protects childhood, that it protects the child, fatherhood, motherhood, the family,” he pointed out, adding that here, the matter is absolutely clear. “If I add that international instruments and the Slovenian Constitution guarantee the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their values, then it is clear that any imposition of LGBTQ+ ideology on children is not only illegal, but also unconstitutional.” What the President is doing, according to Grims, is imposing unconstitutionality. He rejects her words entirely. “A President of a country who clearly does not (or does not want to?) understand the paramount importance of child protection and freedom of speech is not worthy of the office she holds.”

“If anyone wants to see for themselves what the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and the fundamental human rights instruments – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN) and the Declaration and Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN) – really do to protect children, they can read it in my book, THE VICTORY OF GOOD – A Guide to Fighting Cultural Marxism (‘ZMAGA DOBREGA – Vodnik za boj proti kulturnemu marksizmu’), which brings it all together in one place. Today, many “progressives” want to twist the original meaning of the provisions of these instruments, but no one has that right!” Grims made it clear.

As the President expressed her concern and added that she hoped for a culture of dialogue among Members of the European Parliament, Grims said that she should then first show a culture of dialogue, as he had spoken exclusively about child protection and about things that are grounded in international rules and the Slovenian Constitution, and then publicly apologise and retract what he had said. “This is the real culture of dialogue, since that is what she was talking about. As far as my task is concerned, I will unconditionally respect the will expressed by the voters who entrusted me with enough preferential votes to get elected. I am committed first and foremost to the Slovenian electorate and to all those who voted for me, and I will respect the will they have expressed”, he concluded.

Is the stage being set for a new face?

When asked what message the Prime Minister’s non-attendance at the peace conference in Switzerland had sent to citizens, the President, who had attended the said conference instead of the Prime Minister – who had gone to a basketball game in Dallas – said that they had to make up their own minds, but that she herself had accepted her responsibility. She made it clear, among other things, that she agreed with those who said that “two years have passed without any great successes for this government, especially in the area of strategic reforms.” She also said that she wished that ministers were not being changed so quickly, as this wasted time for reforms to be implemented. “I sometimes even have the feeling that ministries do not talk to each other enough on these strategically important issues,” she also said, indicating that it was not yet time for early elections. This has led many to believe that a new face is probably being prepared to succeed Golob.

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