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Golob’s Government Bailing Out Putin With High Energy Prices

The sanctions against Russia should be working, but in reality, the opposite is happening. The value of European Union countries’ imports from Russia has risen when comparing 2022 with the previous year. And Slovenia is the one country that is far ahead on this list.

The next time you “have a stroke” because of the high gas bill, you should know the real reason for the prices. It seems that the culprit is the comradely help of the domestic ruling socialist oligarchy to the regime of the Russian Federation or Vladimir Putin. High fuel prices are apparently being used to bail out “Private Vladimir” and his invasion of Ukraine. The Slovenian ruling comradeship is consequently complicit in prolonging the agony of innocent children, wives, old people, prisoners of war, and so on. It is complicit in the continuation of looting, raping, attacking with missiles, torturing, mass murders, and so on.

While trade between Russia and the EU fell significantly (between February and August 2021-2022), the value of imports rose, in part also due to our government’s policies. More on that here. A chart by the Politico media outlet shows that Slovenia has increased the value of its imports from Russia by a record 346 percent between 2021 and 2022!!! This far exceeds even Luxembourg, which increased the value of its imports by 262 percent. The countries that follow are: Greece with 142 percent, Austria with 139 percent, Cyprus with 138 percent, and Hungary with 132 percent.

Much has already been written about the pro-Russian nature of the transitional left and its behind-the-scenes. The malignant symptoms of this were clearly visible on many different occasions already. Oleksandr Levchenko, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Croatia, shared an interesting piece of information at the beginning of the summer: “Russia has a nest of its intelligence community in Ljubljana. It is important for the Kremlin to always receive first-hand confidential information.” Would such extensive activity by the Russian authorities have been possible without the blessing of domestic politics?

Kučan in favour of cutting arms aid to Ukraine
A very interesting statement was also made last spring by the Serbian TV presenter Milomir Marić, when he said that Kučan, the former President of the Republic and the last President of the Communist Party of Slovenia, is clearly the most powerful man in Slovenia, even though he is retired, and Vladimir Putin needs him to launder money. In the case of Kučan, it should also not be forgotten that he enjoys being the honorary speaker at the Russian Chapel (although he is not exactly pious), but he has also been mentioned several times as an honorary member of the Slovenia-Russia Association. It is also worth pointing out that it was Kučan who, together with Danilo Türk, Svetlana Slapšak and the Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), was one of the co-signatories of the notorious letter calling on the government to “formulate a reasonable position on the war in Ukraine.”

In the letter, the transition intellectuals wrote that all sanctions are in vain, and between the lines, they even advocated for less arms aid for Ukraine, the victim of Russian aggression. These are the same red demons who, at the time of our country gaining its independence, ordered the disarmament of the Slovenian army. We should also remember with what a heavy heart the “deserving” returned the consular title of the Russian Federation, in particular the Ljubljana Sheriff, Zoran Janković. Let’s also recall the strong presence of the pro-Russian propaganda in the Slovenian media, especially on the “independent” national media outlet, Rado-Television Slovenia, where the reporting of journalists such as Kaja Sajovic and Boris Vasev should be highlighted.

How the left-wing Slovenian MEPs shamefully collaborated with the occupier
The biased reporting on the Belarus-Russian hybrid war, for which the Middle Eastern migrants are instrumentalised in order to smear Poland with accusations of lack of humanity, and so on, also deserves some attention. And let’s also recall the recent vote on the resolution to declare Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism,’ when the Slovenian left-wing MEPs shamefully abstained from the vote. And the list goes on …

Domen Mezeg

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