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Following Šarec’s Example, Former Minister Poklukar Primitively Attacked Ministers of the Janša Government

Former Minister of the Interior, Boštjan Poklukar from the ranks of the LMŠ party, who was extremely fond of spying on the MPs, is full of contradictions himself. However, he is currently accusing the current government of being contradictory, as he is convinced that this is an “ultra-right” government. This time he attacked the ministers of the Janša government in a very vile manner. “The Minister of Defence is literally dirty, the Minister of Culture is uncultured, the Minister of the Environment is actively working against the environment, and the Minister of the Economy is more of an obstacle than a stimulus to the economy,” Poklukar wrote primitively.

In its own style, the LMŠ party cannot get out of its own skin, and the former Minister of the Interior, Boštja Poklukar, also wanted to get in on the action. Namely, Poklukar made it clear that the current government, which everyone has failed to overthrow so far, even with their cunning maneuvres, is “ultra-right-wing.” Since he is also unable to come to terms with the loss of power, Poklukar viciously attacked the Minister of Defence, Matej Tonin, Minister of Culture, Vasko Simoniti, and Minister of the Economy and Technological Development, Zdravko Počivalšek, as well as Minister of the environment, Andrej Vizjak.

His words, however, are a bit more difficult to understand. It is true that we have witnessed an economic turndown due to the covid-19 epidemic, but the Slovenian economy is recovering efficiently, and employment high enough that certain companies are even finding it hard to find new employees. The Minister of the Environment is fighting to better protect our waters, but Poklukar claims that the Minister is working against the environment. He also accused the Minister of Culture of being uncultured, but this accusation would be much more easily applied to certain members of the Levica party (the Left) during the session of the National Assembly. Minister of Defence, however, was dirty simply because he was not walking along the promenade but instead trained among soldiers.

Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec also made fun of Tonin on his Facebook profile, in his typical Serpentinšek style. Namely, he made fun of Tonin because he got dirty while driving the tank of the Slovenian Army. The former village clown addressed TOnin with the following words: “The same people who are accusing me of “giving up on leading the country,” “having an invisible school,” and much more, also like to accuse me of being a comedian, because I used to be involved in comedy. That is fine with me, I am proud of that. However, I it would be extremely hard to find a bigger comedian than our virtuous Minister of Defence. This week, for example, he shared a photo with us, of him in a soiled white shirt, as he drove through the mud in a tank.” From the recent responses to Šarec’s post, it is clear that the LMŠ party members are practically competing against one another, trying to see who can be more primitive. And they see themselves as the party that wants to bring people together?!

Sara Rančigaj

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