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Fajon’s Failure In Brussels: No Country Wants To Join Slovenia In Recognising Palestine

Following talks on the Middle East conflict in Brussels on Sunday and Monday, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Fajon will recommend to the government to finalise the procedures for recognising Palestine this week and send the decision to the National Assembly. She also noted that no other country had announced recognition at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the European Union.

As the professor and political commentator Miro Haček pointed out on X, despite the fact that Foreign Minister Fajon held several talks in Brussels on the Middle East conflict and decided to urge the government to finalise the recognition of Palestine this week, no other country of the European Union has decided to recognise Palestine. “In short, she is calling on the government, of which she is a member, through the media, to make a decision on this matter,” Haček noted.

Meanwhile, Fajon wrote on X that it is “imperative that we at the government complete the procedures to recognise Palestine, and to let the Palestinians know that they have the right to their own statehood, to show them that we will help them to rebuild the Palestinian Authority. If civilians are dying every day, there will be no hope for “the day after”.”

No one wants to join Slovenia in recognising Palestine

The government launched the procedures for the recognition of Palestine on the 9th of May and announced that it would send a decision on the said recognition to the National Assembly by the 13th of June at the latest. Slovenia has been trying to get other EU Member States to join in the recognition, but this has not happened.

“I cannot say that any other country has announced recognition in the coming days,” Minister Fajon said of the talks in Brussels. The Middle East conflict was the focus of Monday’s meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union, who were joined by their counterparts from five Arab countries and the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Gheit. The discussion took place in the shadow of the announcement of three countries on their recognition of Palestine on Tuesday, as well as Friday’s International Court of Justice ruling that Israel must immediately halt its offensive in Rafah.

Sara Kovač

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