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Failure Before Jenull And Muki; Musar Was Repeatedly Booed

When presidential candidate Nataša Pirc Musar declared that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was in clear violation of international law, there were shouts of opposition from the audience. The moderator of the discussion, Jaša Jenull, had to intervene, calm them down and remind them to be tolerant.

On Tuesday, a pre-election debate of the candidates for the position of President of the Republic was held at Republic Square. It was organised by the left-wing “Voice of the People” organisation (“Glas ljudstva”), and it proved once again to be a spectacular manifestation of the madness that Jaša Jenull, Filip Dobranić – Muki and Tea Jarc are capable of creating together. Fortunately, three presidential candidates did not take part in the frenzy in front of the few who consider themselves to be the “voice of the people,” but Milan Brglez, Vladimir Prebilič, Miha Kordiš and Nataša Pirc Musar did come to the debate.

But if some candidates thought they were pandering to the left-wing political base by appearing at the debate, they were mistaken. Once again, it has turned out that the revolution is devouring its own children. The questions were, predictably, typically those that fall within the left-wing agenda: representation of religious communities (other than Catholic), the Programme Council of the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia, the rights of members of the nations of the former Yugoslavia, the climate policy, cannabis use, and so on.

Pirc Musar was booed twice
Two “incidents” from the unofficial debate are worth mentioning. The first was the audience’s “attack” on Nataša Pirc Musar when she condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine and Jaša Jenull himself had to calm the crowd down, and the second was when she was booed when she mentioned the Friday protests that took place during the previous government’s term.

Brglez “advertised” Nova24TV and Demokracija
The second scandalous moment was triggered by a question from Muki to Brglez about the media – namely, which media outlet he would refuse to give a statement for. Brglez replied that that would be Nova24TV and the Demokracija magazine, saying that they were party outlets. This time, the extreme socialist, as expected, received loud applause.

Sara Kovač

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