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[Exclusive] Wife Of The Prosecutor Who Is Prosecuting Janša In The Trenta Case Operates From A “Mailbox” Address Shared With A Ljubljana Judge

For years, prosecutor Boštjan Valenčič has been leading the charge against the leader of the opposition, Janez Janša, in connection with his allegedly controversial sale of real estate in Trenta – a ridiculous legal construct that Janša has dubbed Patria 2. The prosecution absurdly – and contrary to the logic of free markets – accuses Janša of selling the real estate in Trenta for too high a price. It looks as if there is at least a personal vendetta of the prosecutor against Janša, if not a higher prosecutor-judicial construct, which also has links to high politics, because it has been clear for some time that the judiciary has been completely hijacked by the deep state.

That the Valenčič family is well connected with judicial circles is suggested by the fact that the wife of prosecutor Valenčič, Martina Valenčič, “does business” from the same address where one of Ljubljana’s senior judges is registered as a resident.

On her LinkedIn page, Valenčič’s wife posts that she works for the legal-business portal Tax-Fin-Lex, but she is also apparently a sole proprietor, as she set up a sole proprietorship last year and has “Corporate and Business Services” listed as her business.

“I specialise in informing customers about legal changes in Slovenia. As a sales manager, I shape and raise revenue at Tax-Fin-Lex,” she writes on her LinkedIn page. It is obvious that she probably works exclusively for Tax-Fin-Lex, even though she is officially a sole proprietor.

Interestingly, the address of her company is the same as that of Lea Habjanić, a senior judge at the Ljubljana District Court.

We have previously already written about Senior Judge Habjanić in connection with the controversial promotions of Slovenian judges. Habjanić was promoted to the rank of Senior Judge on the basis of a judicial service assessment made by the Personnel Council of the Ljubljana High Court in June 2016. At the same time, the Constitutional Court lifted the detention order in the criminal case against Boštjan Majer for the offence of enslavement, which was handled by the judge in question. The Constitutional Court found that the accused had been in detention for a disproportionate period of time, during which time the court had not convened a single main hearing. The judge did not call a main hearing within ten months of the filing of the indictment, so the Constitutional Court lifted the detention and released the defendant. Instead of being dismissed, the judge was rewarded with a promotion, which was the result of purely friendly ties with senior judges, and not the result of her work and professional decisions.

At the same address as the Ljubljana judge

This same judge is apparently at least acquainted, if not on friendly terms, with the wife of the prosecutor Valenčič, who is prosecuting Janša. Otherwise, how else could they both be at the same address – the Valenčičs entered the apartment building on Nazorjeva Street, which occupies numbers 10 to 12, as floor owners together with the judge in 2017, while the building previously belonged to the SKD (State Accounting Service). The judge and the prosecutor’s wife share an address, specifically at number 12.

Judging by the buzzers outside the entrance with different names, the prosecutor’s wife apparently operates from a so-called “mailbox” address, where several people share only the postal address where she gets her mail.

Despite the fact that both Judge Lea Habjanić and Prosecutor Valenčič’s wife Martina Valenčič share the address at Nazorjeva Street 12, they do not seem to be there, which suggests that they use the address only for the mailbox.

Wednesday’s hearing

On Wednesday, Mateja Valenčič’s husband, who apparently runs a “mailbox” company in the same building as the Ljubljana judge, will once again appear against Janša as a prosecutor in the constructed Trenta trial, where the opposition leader will be tried by Judge Cvetka Posliovič.

Namely, Janša is accused of abuse of office, while his co-defendants are accused of helping to sell Janša’s former plot of land in Trenta, because he sold the property at a higher price than he had bought it decades ago.

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