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[Exclusive] The Underground Is Working On Replacing Robert Golob

The political underground is currently working to replace Prime Minister Robert Golob. According to our information, the main operative between the old and the young forces is Fanjo Bobinac, and Žiga Debeljak would take over the leadership of the government.

Just a few weeks ago, when the left celebrated its triumphs at the presidential elections and referendums, Prime Minister Robert Golob‘s political power seemed virtually unassailable. But the resignation of Minister of the Interior Tatjana Bobnar and the police whistleblowers soon proved once again how fragile such governments with new faces really are, even if they have a strong parliamentary majority.

The brutal personnel tsunamis in the police and Prime Minister Golob’s lies about him not knowing Miloš Njegoslav Milović, in addition to the creation of a parastatal police unit to protect the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, have, in fact, brutally shaken the government.

The government is in crisis, and Golob is in trouble

Dove’s intransigence has caused him to resent the old networks, which date back to the old leaden days and effectively hold most of the country’s decision-making power in their hands. They are also known to have expectations, if not demands, of anyone they put in charge of the executive, and the increasingly disobedient Golob has run

up against them. In the presidential elections, Milan Kučan had already made it clear to Prime Minister Golob that he would not leave all the power in his hands and supported Nataša Pirc Musar, who won the elections, instead of the candidate from Golob’s party. Golob further offended the Kos family when he eliminated Marta Kos from his circle in an ugly way. What happened later in the police was the revenge of the structures of this very same clan, where Martina Kos’s brother and former detective, Drago Kos, had established a strong network of acquaintances.

According to our information, things have gone so far that these networks are now looking for a replacement for the position of Prime Minister. The operation between these forces, made up of the so-called “old boys,” the old communist forces, and the “young boys,” the social climbers who are now guardians of state property, is supposed to be coordinated by the long-time leader of the Gorenje company and the new President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, Franjo Bobinac. The lobbying is to be directed towards the election of Žiga Debeljak as the new Prime Minister. It should be recalled that it was Debeljak who became Golob’s record holder in terms of lucrative board positions, as Golob recruited him to the supervisory boards of Gen Energija and Telekom companies and to the board of directors of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding. And ever since his appointment to the board of Mercator, Debeljak has been considered an “old boy.”

Andrej Žitnik

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