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[Exclusive recording] How the director of SOVA called the journalist Suzana Kos on the instructions of Damir Črnčec!

“You do not know who I am. Tell me, did you two arrange for an interview today, in relation to …” “Off the record, yes, I arranged for an interview…” “Is this in relation to… Give me a hint what it was related to, and I will continue…” “I mean, I do not know who you are…” “Were you and D going to meet up?” “Who is D?”

Nova24TV exclusively presents proof of how Damir Črnčec communicated with Slovenian journalists through the director of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency (Slovenska obveščevalno-varnostna agencija, referred to as SOVA), Rajko Kozmelj.

We have heard the claim that the State Secretary for National Security from the government of Marjan Šarec, Damir Črnčec, abused the intelligence and security services many times, and he also launched select information through them to the media, which benefitted his own interests or the interests of the LMŠ party.

Cutting off the coalition partners
The former coalition partners from the government of Marjan Šarec, that is, the SD, SMC, SAB and DeSUS parties, could tell us more about this than anyone else. Let’s just remember the stories regarding Petrol and Matjaž Han, the model for the second track, and the house searches at SMC, the resignation of Minister Marko Bandelli and the story involving Alenka Bratušek’s son. For the purpose of demolishing Karl Erjavec, Črnčec even organized an intelligence operation with Nina Stanković, of photographing Erjavec’s Porsche and publishing the image in Slovenske novice, which sealed Erjavec’s defeat at the DeSUS congress in January of 2020. By sharing the screenshots from the app called Signal, he even personally showed Karl Erjavec how he coordinated the action, as he wanted to bury the hatchet at the time.

As the government of Marjan Šarec was approaching its end, warnings from the ranks of the coalition members became increasingly louder, claiming that Črnčec was a danger to democracy and that he often dealt with his political opponents, most often the coalition partners, through the intelligence and security services. Through the media and the journalists on whom he had direct influence and was connected with – from POP TV (Tjaša Slokar Kos and Suzana Perman), RTV SLO (Sabina Žonta and Rok Šuligoj), Siol (Aleksander Kolednik), Delo (Suzana Kos), Reporter (Silvester Šurla and Igor Kršinar), TopNews (Vladimir Vodušek) and others, he launched information on various politicians and businessmen, which was collected by the intelligence and security services, in order to influence public opinion and discredit individuals. Recently, the Minister of the Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, gave him the nickname of “Murči, the spy.”

Kozmelj called the Delo journalist Suzana Kos
And today, we are presenting the evidence which proves that the rumours are true and that Damir Črnčec abused SOVA for his communication with Slovenian journalists, which he forwarded the information to. Our editorial office has received an exclusive recording of a telephone conversation between the Delo journalist Suzana Kos and the man who was the director of SOVA during the time of the Šarec government, Rajko Kozmelj. The latter was always considered to be Damir Črnčec’s lackey at SOVA, as he blindly followed all of his orders, even if they were illegal.

It appears that one of his orders was also that Rajko Kozmelj had to call the Delo journalist Suzana Kos and arrange an “off the record” interview or statement. What can be seen from the call is that Suzana Kos was expecting a call, but she obviously did not recognize Kozmelj by his voice, so she was careful. As was he, as he did not want to introduce himself with his name and surname, so he asked her to tell him what the “off the record” interview would be about. Then he explicitly asked if she had agreed to meet with D. He apparently used the letter D because he did not want to name Damir Črnčec directly, who had spoken with Suzana Kos about the director of SOVA calling her with some “off the record” information. The conversation ends in a very unusual way, and we can only assume that the information that Rajko Kozmelj was supposed to launch into the media was very important, and because Suzana Kos did not know who she was talking to, she simply decided to end the conversation. We can only guess who the target of Damir Črnčec’s discrediting was at the time.

Therefore, it is all the more incomprehensible that the parties and the politicians of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition, who were already the victims of various operations by Damir Črnčec during the time of the Marjan Šarec government, would now want to be a part of the coalition where Črnčec would play one of the key roles. According to our information, the LMŠ party will supposedly nominate him for the position of Minister of the Interior, as they reckon that it is precisely because of his past actions that the other parties will think of him as an unacceptable candidate, so even if Karl Erjavec were to be elected the next Prime Minister, the new government would not be formed, which would mean that we would have an early election – and that has been the LMŠ party’s goal since January 2020.

Sara Kovač

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