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[Exclusive] How the “old boys” got caught in trying to overthrow the government! Supposedly at least two million euros in play!

In this article, we will reveal the game of thrones within the infamous political and economic left pole in Slovenia. As has been proven many times before, they are only capable of uniting when the current Prime Minister, Janez Janša is in power. This time, they once again played on all or nothing. Below, we are revealing the details of what happened in the fateful December of last year. “The main man who orchestrated this whole thing was Gregor Golobič. More than two million euros were at stake for the transfers of the deputies,” our sources, who are also willing to publicly confirm this, told us.

We know that we have written about the central players of the left-wing political network in Slovenia many times before, but let’s just remember what we know. At the top of the pyramid are former President Milan Kučan and former President of the Zares party, Gregor Golobič. Remember that we have often mentioned the fact that the Slovenian communists, under the leadership of Štefan Korošec, transferred between 50 and 75 billion euros. This was described by the renowned Croatian independent journalist Domagoj Margetič in his book Krvave balkanske milijarde – The Bloody Balkan Billions. According to certain sources, only Golobič and Kučan have access to these billions, through secret bank account abroad. Most of them are in Switzerland.

The business networks of Janez Zemljarič and Borut Jamnik are mostly responsible for the business operations, and Drago Kos is mainly in charge of special tasks. According to the sources, the problems began when Damir Črnčec got involved in Golobič’s circle. It is incredible that two enemies managed to join forces in their fight against the current government. The unsuccessful candidate for the Prime Minister of the Constitutional Arch Coalition, professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Jože Pavlič Damijan, Ph.D., was just a puppet in the hands of Drago Kos. However, Damijan quickly changed his mind when some unpleasant information about his business experiments became known to the Slovenian public. According to the sources, he was afraid of his bank accounts abroad also being revealed.

The deep state network was willing to spend at least two million euros on the game of the overthrowing of the government We will now present to you the party that, according to our sources, took place in the vicinity of the home of the last Prime Minister of the LDS party, Anton Rop. “On the 16th of December, a group of influential players of the left political pole celebrated the overthrow of the third government of Janez Janša. They celebrated their victory and drank some champagne. However, they did not know that they were being filmed by foreign security services,” some whistleblowers told us, claiming that the men in question have been monitored for the past two years, and are still being monitored, by the American NSA. “Their joy did not last long. Gregor Golobič quickly found out from his confidants that the plan fell through.”

In this situation, Milan Kučan turned out to be the most naïve, according to our sources. The former President of the influential association Forum 21 was convinced that Damijan was Golobič’s choice. He was supposedly completely shocked when he found out that Damijan had been suggested by Drago Kos. In his sick fantasy, he already had the vision of becoming the winner of the game of thrones on the left.

“The money was still with Gregor Golobič at the beginning of December last year. It was rumoured that they were willing to spend up to 300 thousand euros on each MP. In total, they had more than two million euros at their disposal. It was agreed that each member of parliament would receive the money on the 24th of December 2020. However, their plan fell through when they were exposed at the party on the 16th of December 2020,” our sources claim. At the end of the article, we can only add that these are not just goodnight stories. Our sources are Drago Kos’s personal agents from abroad. They operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. We are waiting for the reactions.

Luka Perš

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