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Escalation of Hatred Against the Different-Minded: Yesterday, in the Middle of the Night, Nova24TV Was Attacked by Vandals!

On Thursday night, an unknown perpetrator decided to damage the sign marking the premises of our media outlet with an empty Jagermeister bottle. Last night’s vandalism is just an escalation of verbal hatred against Nova24TV. Namely, our media outlet represents an alternative to the central media, which perceive even the criticism of their reporting as an attack. Now, what would they say if bottles were thrown at them?

There seems to be no end to vandalism in Slovenia. First, we witnessed attacks on churches, the premises of the Iskreni institute, and even the doctor’s office of dr. Alenka Forte. Not to mention the threats and attacks on the Prime Minister and his supporters. As this is obviously not enough for some people, they also decided to target the premises of our media outlet, Nova24TV. Following the discrediting from most of the major media outlet, they now physically came after our premises.

At night, a vandal threw an empty bottle of the alcoholic beverage Jagermeister at the sign with the name of our media outlet, which hangs on the façade of the building in which our premises are located. Of course, the vandal caused some damage. It appears that our media is increasingly penetrating into the Slovenian media space, which many people do not like and are therefore trying to express their opposition to those who think differently. After all, this is only a matter of escalating the attacks, from making statements all the way to the realisation of threats – let’s just think back, for example, to Marjan Šarec’s statement that advertisers should not advertise in certain media outlets.

It should also be pointed out that this is not an isolated case of vandalism this year. In January, the police received a message that someone had damaged a fresco on the façade of the Ljubljana Cathedral, and strangers also damaged the Visitation of Mary Church on Ljubljana’s Rožnik. Namely, they painted an image of Minister of Defence Matej Tonin on it. They also threw a balloon filled with paint at it and caused thousands of euros of damage. Due to the vandalism, police officers were forced to investigate the suspicion of committing the crime of damaging or destroying buildings of special cultural significance.

Swastikas had also been drawn on the facades of the premises of the Iskreni institute and the doctor’s office of a renowned doctor
The “decorating” of buildings with swastikas, which is something that was normally condemned in the past, is now becoming a new trend. In Slovenia, there have been quite a few cases where vandals destroyed a building by drawing swastikas on it. The first target of the swastika drawing was the State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, dr. Alenka Forte, as strangers drew swastikas on the façade of the building, where her outpatient clinic is located in Trbovlje. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that several MPs were “visited” at their homes, where strangers hung posters with swastikas on them.

Sara Rančigaj

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