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Employee of the Social Work Centre Ljubljana, Gordana Pirš, Returns: It Is Amazing How Many Insults and How Much Hatred She Was Able to Channel into One Post Against the Well-Known Analyst Jeretič and TV Show Host Možina!

“Janšistic ass-kisser, Home Guard fucker, SDS scumbag, liar, SDS shit, SDS moron, cretin, idiot, SDS Janšistic lowlife, rabble, vermin, stinker.” All of these words were put in one single post by the infamous Gordana Pirš, an employee of the Social Work Centre Ljubljana. She directed all of these vile words against Sebastjan Jeretič. She was very bothered by his enthusiastically moderate and wise appearance on Jože Možina’s show on RTV.

We have previously already written about Gordana Pirš during the times of the cycling rallies when she attended the protests dressed as if she was going on a date – in low-cut tops and short skirts. The content? Unarticulated hatred against Janez Janša and his government. While even the more right-leaning Dejan Steinbuch recently wrote about the comments of the far-rightists, we will not hear even a mention of her verbal violence from the left.

But first, let’s see what her attack on Sebastjan Jeretič even looked like. Here is what she wrote: “Just another Janšistic ass-kisser, another Home Guard fucker, another SDS scumbag, liar. Another SDS shit. Another SDS moron, cretin, idiot. Another one from the ranks of the SDS Janšistic lowlife, rabble, vermin. Eeeew, stinker, fuck off! Along with the corrupt, treacherous Možina. Nothing but shit in a pile!”

What about Gordana Pirš is problematic? There is a whole bunch of things that are problematic when it comes to Gordana Pirš. First, her primitivism. Second, the woman is employed at a Social Work Centre. And last but not least, she appears to pathologically hate Janez Janša, from which we can only conclude that she is an extreme leftist. Given that the “Home Guard” is used as a pejorative, we can say this with even greater certainty. Yes, leftists, this is one of your people. Where are you in such moments, President of the largest party on the left, Tanja Fajon? We know that others write speeches for you and that you are probably just a kind of talking head, but when you speak, you almost always talk about hate speech, about the right, about verbal violence… Where are you now? Why have you not spoken up yet?

Aleš Ernecl

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