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Did the taxpayers pay for the leave of the left-wing Minister of Labour?

According to the N1 portal, Labour Minister Luka Mesec found a way to combine work and fun – he travelled to New York on business, and then took a vacation there. It is worth asking, at whose expense. The ministry has not yet answered such questions. Given that in the Levica party, taxpayers are viewed as a kind of cash cow, of course, it would not be unusual if it turned out that Mesec did not pay for his vacation out of his own pocket.

“My personality suits me better to be a minister than to be an opposition member of parliament,” said Luka Mesec in an interview for N1, who is currently the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities. The media reported that they spoke with Mesec on Friday, when he returned from New York, where he was first at a United Nations conference with Spanish Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz Perez, and then stayed there on vacation.

It can therefore be understood from the publication that the coordinator of the Levica party, who believes that the money collected from property income will not be enough, used the business trip to New York for a vacation. Of course, this raises the question of who paid for the minister’s flight and accommodation expenses – given that he combined his business trip with his vacation, it would of course be most convenient and leftist-like to pass all the expenses on to the taxpayers. From whom he is trying to collect even more than the government of Robert Golob currently intends to collect from them. We contacted the ministry with questions, but we have not yet received answers today.

Some also wonder if he booked the flight himself, since otherwise an employee was paid for it from the state budget – which could mean that the public employee was handling the minister’s private affairs during her working hours. If it was the minister of the previous government, Janez Janša, all the media would of course have written about it – but as always, the mainstream media do not stick their journalistic noses into the actions of members of the gang, to which they themselves belong.

Sara Kovač

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