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Did the Americans Know That They Were Visited by a Signatory of the Controversial Prosecutorial Agreement With Russia?

On the 16th of June, the U.S. Independence Day was celebrated at the Fužine Castle, and the celebration was organised by the American Embassy. The event was also attended by Drago Šketa, the State Prosecutor General, who travelled to Moscow of his own volition in January, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office. Did the Americans know that they were visited by the signatory of the controversial prosecutorial agreement with Russia?

In January of this year, the State Prosecutor General, Drago Šketa, travelled to Russia without the approval of state institutions, which were apparently not even aware of this, and the embassy was also allegedly not informed about his visit beforehand. Senior prosecutor Maja Veber Šajn and district state prosecutor Anita Veternik also went to Moscow at the time as experts in cybercrime. The State Prosecutor General also signed a programme of cooperation with the head of the Russian state prosecutors, Igor Krasnov, during his visit to Moscow. The agreement has caused quite a stir in public, as Krasnov is a person who has been on the list of people subject to restrictive measures in all countries of the European Union due to serious human rights violations.

In the style of some double agent, Šketa was also present at the American Independence Day celebration, which was held in the Fužine Castle on the 16th of June. “We are celebrating an experiment in liberty – in freedom. We are celebrating a special document – a proclamation called the Declaration of Independence,” said the U.S. Ambassador, Jamie L. Harpootlian, in her introductory speech, adding: “And so, especially this year, while Ukraine valiantly fights for freedom, life, and the happiness of its children, it is vital for us who understand what it means to fight for freedom and liberty to remember what President Biden recently said: “Freedom is not free.” Freedom is a responsibility. Freedom is a work in progress. It depends on the hearts and minds of the people, and the commitment of our men and women in uniform. So, to our armed forces present here tonight – I salute you. And to the people of Ukraine – We stand with you. Slava Ukraini!” But did the Americans know that during all of this, Šketa, a signatory of the controversial prosecutorial agreement with Russia, was among them?

Sara Kovač

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