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Dejan Karba Revealed How the Politics of Disqualification Work: First, an Initiative Is Established, and Then, Pressure Is Exerted Through It!

In a text that he sent to a friend, the former journalist of the newspapers Delo and Dnevnik, Dejan Karba, revealed how Slovenian politics work. When someone is getting on your nerves – because he is not “ours,” of course – he should be disqualified in a sophisticated and cunning way. First, an initiative is set up, the operation of which is, “completely randomly,” focused on a specific individual, and then the initiative begins to systematically pressure him in one way or another.

Dejan Karba, the former candidate for the position of mayor of the list of the SD party and his friend, discussed how to disqualify the leader of the DeSUS parliamentary group Franc Jurša. Namely, Karba proposed the establishment of the Prlekija Initiative, the purpose of which would be clear – its aim would be to slander the deputy, who recently, when explaining his vote for the election of Minister of Digitalisation, Marko Boris Andrijanič, dared to speak about the pressures he experienced from the opposition parties.

“Is there a possibility of creating some sort of a Prlekija Initiative for stripping someone of Prlekija belonging – let’s forget about Štuhec, he is not important, however, it would be important to at least get the information about the initiative out to the public, for the public to reflect on it and consider public disqualification. Thank you and best regards, Mitja. P. S.: I am talking about Jurša,” Karba pointed out in a text sent to his friend.

Jurša publicly revealed how the opposition is exerting pressure
Given that the opposition likes to slander the government and spread misinformation about how a dictatorship is supposedly in power in this country, where the media and journalists are also allegedly constantly being pressured, it obviously cannot stand it when someone dares to tell them the truth. When explaining his vote in the election of the new Minister for Digitalisation, Jurša revealed that he would vote in favour of the minister, because he is being pressured by the left-wing opposition. “For a couple of days now, I have personally been experiencing terrible pressure on how I will vote. The pressures are coming from all sides. They are very difficult to tolerate. Voting controllers are being set up for us. What hurts me the most is that someone said to me that I am “selling” myself, that I am asking for one law to be put in a drawer and another to be put away, and only then will I vote for the candidate for the position of Minister. All of this is one big lie,” Jurša made it clear, adding that this is also why he will be voting in favour of the new Minister. As a lesson to the opposition, he added that if they want him to also vote for their proposals – provided that they are good, of course – they should simply leave him alone.

It is quite clear why so many from the opposition, who are used to being in power, are currently very bothered by Jurša. Namely, he dared to reveal something that contradicts the story which the opposition and its subordinate media are selling on to the public. However, since it is known that in the past, Karba also invented a story about Cardinal Franc Rode, claiming that Rode supposedly has an illegitimate son, and even lied about Jsnez Janša’s son dying, it is not surprising that he is now getting involved in such corrupt matters, the aim of which is to get more people to believe the truth that is tailored by the one who directs the discreditation.

What is also interesting is that right before the end of his mandate, the former Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Jernej Pikalo, employed Karba full-time at the Ministry of Education. It probably did not hurt that Karba is in favour of the SD party and even ran for the position of mayor of Ljutomer on their list. With revelations like these, it is becoming increasingly clear how the main players, who crave power, are helping each other discredit their political opponents: with loyal staff. In the event of the whole matter being revealed, their name is not directly exposed, and so everything can quickly be swept under the rug again.

Sara Kovač

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