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Death Threats Against the Prime Minister: Did the Slovenian Leftists Inform the Foreign Public About This as Well?

“This is what you see when driving from the Ljubljana ring road toward the Technology Park. This is not considered a problem; apparently, the Tweets are the problem. Does anyone still remember when red paint was spilt on the monument of the slaughterer Boris Kidrič? That was cleaned up in a few hours,” said Davorin Kopše, one of the candidates at the last European Parliament elections, pointing out the hypocrisy of some politicians. He also drew attention to the fact that the culture of death is still being worshipped in Slovenia, and nothing is being done about it.

 Former candidate in the European Parliament elections, Davorin Kopše, pointed out the hypocrisy of the authorities in the City of Ljubljana, particularly that of Mayor Zoran Janković, who always takes immediate action when something happens to the statue of the slaughterer of the Slovenian nation who was never punished for his crimes, Boris Kidrič – like the time when somebody spilt red paint on the legs of the statue, which was immediately cleaned up – but on the other hand, death threats such as “Kill Janša!” or “Death to Janša!” that have appeared in public places in this same municipality and are directed against the current Prime Minister Janez Janša, remain intact. Let us just remind you of one of the horrible statements by Kidrič: “Even if only five Slovenians are left alive at the end of the fight, but they are all communists, we will consider this a victory for us.”

It is true what they say: “It does not pay to be nice.” The mass murderer who should have been tried in The Hague or even at the Nuremberg trials deserves an immaculate historical monument, while someone who has been bravely fighting for the health and lives of the people all year round, striving to limit the harmful economic consequences with all his knowledge and heart, despite the fact that everyone is trying to make this as difficult as possible for him – the parasitic non-governmental organisations, the left-wing opposition, and the “transparent” central media – does not deserve even an ounce of respect, according to some. Is that not unfair and unjust?

The Mayor’s behaviour is not surprising, considering that in the democratic European Slovenia, decades after the end of communism, in the very heart of our country, he annually organises reprehensible celebrations, such as the one entitled “I Will Wear the Red Star” (Nosil bom rdečo zvezdo), which only divide the nation further. The re-erection of the metal masts with the red star on top on the outskirts of Ljubljana is similarly reprehensible. In fact, it is a spit in the face of all those who have been striving for an independent, democratic, developed and European Slovenia since the end of the 1980s. At the same time, one cannot help but wonder where these death threats will lead us.

History, the best teacher of all, tells us that words often turn into the vilest actions, like what happened in the case of the Holocaust against the Jews decades ago. It all started with “innocent” words. And what is especially shocking is the fact that part of Slovene politics, which considers itself to be pro-European, free-thinking and progressive and likes to accusatorily point its finger at the other side, claiming it is undemocratic, “Orbanian” and authoritarian, still bows before the statue of the mass murderer Kidrič and lays wreaths at his feet.

Benefactor Ehrlich helped a snake!
This act is all the more reprehensible if we point out the fact that Kidrič even murdered his own benefactors. We are referring to the esteemed academic and priest Lambert Erlich, who was sent to his death by the revolutionary Kidrič himself after this same benefactor saved his life. Namely, Kidrič was imprisoned in Austria for terrorism, and he would not have gotten out of prison if it was not for Erlich’s help, which would mean that part of the left-wing opposition would not be able to continue to divinely idolise his image to this day.

Domen Mezeg

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