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Cardiologist Mrevlje and Economist Bohinc Believe That the Government Performed Very Well During the Epidemic and Should Continue Its Work in the Next Term

Economist Primož Bohinc and cardiologist Blaž Mrevlje believe that the government performed well during the coronavirus pandemic. Both also believe that the current government deserves another mandate, in which, according to Bohinc, we should systematically focus on liberalisation and structural reforms that will make our business environment even more competitive. Meanwhile, Mrevlje believes that in the next term, this government should work on making Slovenia a country with a capital C and tear it from the hands of the failed “transitional model puppet show” that is still in place in order to continue with the pillage. “As long as we keep pillaging ourselves instead of investing money in ourselves and our development, we will stay at a very rudimentary stage of development,” Mrevlje pointed out.

Soon after the beginning of the current government’s term, the Covid-19 pandemic began, dominating the world in most aspects over the last two years. “Like the other countries in the European Union, the current government has coped well with the pandemic. Both in terms of health and the economy. If the numbers are true, then it actually did very well,” said the renowned cardiologist Blaž Mrevlje.

Economist Primož Bohinc also believes that the government’s work could be assessed as good, especially in the economic field, where, despite the turmoil caused by the pandemic, it alleviated the economic crisis with timely and effective measures. “At the later stages of the epidemic, it even reached the pre-corona GDP growth rates and, above all, the historically high employment of the working population,” he explained.

The opposition and media attempts at a demolition have previously already been described in a book
Mrevlje further pointed out that the government unfortunately also had to deal with primitive attempts of the parallel mechanism and its political and street levers to overthrow it. “I hope that these vile transitional tricks, which were also described in detail in Vladimir Dedier‘s book entitled Josip Broz Tito and are identical to the manifestos written between the two world wars, were noticed and can also be correctly interpreted by normal voters of the so-called left-wing parties,” he pointed out.

According to Mrevlje, the accusation that the government is to blame for the poor Covid-19 vaccination rate is wrong. “If we look at the EU as a whole, there is a certain percentage of people in all countries, who are a priori against vaccination for no real reason, but what is interesting is the relationship between the level of development of individual member states and the level of vaccination,” he said, explaining that, for example, in Scandinavian countries, the vaccination rate is much higher than in the countries of the former Eastern bloc.

Due to the fear of the ruling structures stemming from the communist experiment, many people refused to get vaccinated
Mrevlje noted that the negative effects of the communist experiment, which instilled in people a fear of the ruling structures and a constant feeling that the regime must be fought, by all means, have also had consequences when it comes to vaccination against Covid-19. “However, this is great nonsense and, of course, a mirror of the level of development of society in each EU member state. The government cannot get vaccinated instead of people who do not want to get vaccinated,” he added.

He went on to point out that the government could also present even more scientific facts, but the problem is that these people are not even capable of understanding them. “They only understand the inciting social media posts written by the “quasi” scientists and conspiracy theorists. Because they are simple and written at the language level they can understand,” he said, explaining that this is a reflection of the level of development of a society, which we have to come to terms with. According to him, we cannot fight this. “That is why our country (without the capital C) is where it is. However, this phenomenon, incited by the political and street levers of the parallel mechanism, has certainly translated into a certain number of seriously ill people with serious consequences and even a number of deaths.”

The current government has also done an excellent job of leading the Council of the European Union, despite the pandemic. It has established or re-established important contacts with important European countries, as well as the United States of America.

The transition has brought in incompetent cadres, who have been pillaging our country for three decades now
Mrevlje believes that another very important action of the current government was the changing of staff in the most important positions in public administration. “After all, I believe that we have all had quite enough of this agony of the failed transition, which, with its negative selection, brings incompetent people who are loyal to the parallel mechanism to the most important functions, in order to help maintain the status quo of the pillaging of public finances,” he was critical.

Mrevlje, who has repeatedly warned about the filling of certain people’s pockets at the expense of paying way too much for vascular stents, also noted that the puppet show, with which the parallel mechanism is repeatedly trying to kidnap the country and maintain the status quo in public finances, has become completely transparent by now, more boring than Russian railways, disgusting, and no longer belongs to the state we imagined at the time of the plebiscite.

One thing that Mrevlje would like to see more of with the current governments are the efforts and effects in the elimination of organised crime and corruption in state health care, which, according to his estimates, takes away at least 400 million euros of taxpayers’ money every year. “This crime then also translates to long waiting times, lower quality care, poor working conditions and wages for employees, almost no research, late treatment and, last but not least, more deaths – as well as the fact that Slovenian medicine, with very few exceptions, is nowhere to be found on the map of Europe, let alone the world,” he added.

Organised crime and systemic corruption point to the low level of development of our society
He emphasised that the tolerance of organised crime and systemic corruption in the Slovenian state healthcare system by taxpayers who pay for both healthcare, as well as the organised crime in it, also indicates the low level of development in our society. In relation to this, the current government has at least taken the first step in the right direction, namely, the newly adopted Public Procurement Act. “What will it bring in the future remains to be seen. For now, it is still just a document.”

Bohinc pointed out that it is especially important to also highlight the financing of projects in the field of digitalisation, which will increase the productivity levels of our economy in the long run. “The current government definitely deserves another mandate, in which it can pursue the liberalisation and structural reforms that will make our business environment more competitive even more systematically,” he said.

The pillaging of our country needs to be stopped
Mrevlje hopes that the current government will be able to continue with its work in a similar composition in the next mandate. “We need to work on making Slovenia a country with a capital C and tear it from the hands of the failed transitional model puppet show that is still in place in order to continue with the pillage. As long as we keep pillaging ourselves instead of investing money in ourselves and our development, we will stay at a very rudimentary stage of development,” he concluded.

Sara Rančigaj

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