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Attack On The Influencer Who Exposed LGBT Propaganda Happening On The National RTV

In her recent video, Zala Klopčič, who is an online influencer and Vice-President of Slovenian Democratic Youth (Slovenska demokratska mladina – SDM), the youth wing of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), commented on the LGBT television show entitled “First Time” (“Prvič”), which is broadcast on the depoliticised national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS). As a result, she was attacked by the programme’s creators and many others for her comments, accusing her of inciting homophobia.

A new series called “First Time,” the authors of which are Urška Henigman and Neža Prah Seničar, has recently appeared on Television Slovenia. The 30-minute-long programme mainly deals with LGBT issues, homosexual sexual relations, racism in Slovenia, and many other topics typical of the far left. It seems that such ideological programmes will be a regular feature under the new far-left leadership of the national media outlet, and despite the one-sided radical content, taxpayers are forced to pay a monthly contribution of 12.75 euros for RTV. That is why the young influencer Zala Klopčič shared the truth on such matters with brutal honesty in her new video.

A guest on “First Time” openly praises Tito

Lina Akif appeared as a guest on an episode of the show “First Time” that Zala Klopčič commented on, and in the episode, she stated that three people were responsible for her birth – her mother, her father, and Tito. Namely, the left was already working with unidentified African countries at that time, and that is also how Lina’s father came from Sudan to Slovenia and started a family here. Since Lina Akif is of a mixed race and still wants to play Slovenian roles, Zala Klopčič explained to her in the video that black roles can also not be played by someone who is not dark-skinned. Lina was also critical of Slovenian theatre conditions, which, in her opinion, do not show enough Arab culture. Klopčič responded to this claim by saying that Slovenian culture is present in Slovenia and should be preserved and respected.

On the show “First Time,” they also talk about homosexual sexual relations

Although the age limit for watching the series is set at twelve, this does not stop the authors from explicitly talking about anal intercourse. In fact, Leonardo, a transgender man who is also part of the show, shamelessly pointed out in the series that they should have been taught in school that anal intercourse requires more lubricant and that it is necessary to get an “enema” beforehand. In her video, Zala Klopčič explained to him, pointedly, that some parts of the body are clearly not meant for the activities he is alluding to.

The episode in question also features many confused young people who claim to be transgender, genderless, “queer,” and use many other terms for which there are no appropriate words in Slovenian. Therefore, young people are using English words for these terms, because all of this “ultra-liberal” ideology comes to us from the United States of America. This is also where the so-called “drag queen shows,” which are already associated with paedophilia in some parts of the world, came from, and this kind of show was also broadcast on the TV show “First Time.”

We are living in the best of times

Zala believes that this kind of content is proof that this is the best time to be alive in Europe, because some people apparently have enough time on their hands to be preoccupied with themselves and their narcissistic complex, hundreds of genders, new names and other craziness that does nothing to contribute to the good of society. She also pointed out that gender ideology is used by those who do not get enough attention otherwise and who want to stand out somehow, encouraged by an increasingly degenerate Western mentality and ideology. Zala Klopčič concluded by stressing that it is high time for a return to normality.

Immediately after publication, an attempt at discreditation

Shortly after the video was published, the presenter of the controversial show “First Time,” Neža Prah, responded to it and went down the path of attempting to discredit Zala Klopčič. Prah accused Klopčič of manipulative, inflammatory, transphobic and even racist rhetoric, which, in her words, goes beyond all limits of what is normal. Klopčič responded to Prah’s claims, by writing on the social media X that it is absolutely true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that her opinion is simply that people cannot spread LGBT nonsense on the national media outlet RTV, which is paid for by all citizens of Slovenia, and even push this agenda on minors. “Create what you want, but do it with your own money,” Klopčič said in her response, adding that she knows that facts can hurt and that it is probably easier to just label her as transphobic than face them. Meanwhile, RTV even created an article with the actors to show Klopčič’s act as an example of vicious homophobia.

But Zala was also supported online by many well-known commentators, such as psychoanalyst and publicist Roman Vodeb, who believes that the show “First Time” is an ideological project without any “scientificity” and “theoretical consistency” behind it. “You failed miserably with your show, as is typical of you. In fact, the project ‘First Time’ deserves even more criticism than it has received already. You have presented a completely one-dimensional story,” he pointed out. Another influencer and journalist of Nova24TV, Tanja Brkić, also responded to accusations against Zala, pointing out that what should be condemned is actually the national media outlet’s promotion of mental illnesses as something good and acceptable. “And if you are not capable of condemning that, we have every right to criticise your actions. You should serve the people who pay you. And we do not support the promotion of mental imbalances, fetishes and other such things. Period,” she added.
Another commenter said that RTV should think long and hard about what a poor show this was. “You should really think about what a mess this was! Zero expertise, zero opinions of the majority of young and mature people on the subject,” he pointed out the lack of any substance on the show, while another pointed out that perversions have always existed on the fringes of society, and they should stay there, too. “They should not be promoted as something interesting, worth trying, as this is very misleading for immature adolescents. You are abusing young people,” he said.

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