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Are We Just Quietly Going to Tolerate the Death Threats?

New threats against the MPs, Ministers and journalists, which will most likely once again be overlooked by the mainstream media – depending, of course, on who it is that is being threatened. Uroš Zakrajšek wrote on his Twitter profile that he hopes he never meets Janez Janša, Aleš Hojs, Zdravko Počivalšek, Jelko Kacin, Uroš Urbanija or Boris Tomašič, but even more than that, he hopes he does meet them. Somebody warned him that he should be careful not to end up in the Dob prison, and he replied, “I live only two kilometres from Dob.” Such announcements of intentions of committing a criminal act are inadmissible. Obviously, the leftists see this as democracy and freedom of speech – that people should be afraid of meeting leftists when they walk down the street.

However, his threats did not end there. Nor did Andrej Dramlje’s, his supporter, who said that they should rent Goli otok for them, “to take care of them swiftly, the idiot Mahnič, the bitch Irgl and a few other SDS mares with scabies.” They also threatened other SDS MPs, namely, Alenka Jeraj, Jelka Godec, Anja Bah Žibert, Mojca Škrinjar, as well as Mitja Iršič, Igor Pirkovič and Milan Krek.

The number of threats, hostility and violence has increased tremendously in the last couple of months, as the leftists are not in power anymore, and are only now showing their true nature, their “tolerance,” which they so fondly mention, as well as their acceptance. But this is just a farce, a mask they put on when they are in power in order to keep the power. Uroš Zakrajšek, who clearly announced a criminal act, which will send him two kilometres away from home, to the Dob prison, wrote, “Let’s help the Slovenian Press Agency,” in his next post, and added that he generously donated ten euros for the cause. This is the mask of the leftists.

Pressuring of the journalists
An unknown person with a Twitter profile that does not reveal their identity threatened RTV journalist Igor Pirkovič and his family when he pointed out that the rhetoric of the RTV has sharpened under the new Director-General. “Let’s hope that the Pirkovič family will also be silence.” Namely, Pirkovič is known for inviting different guests to his show, regardless of their affiliation with different political parties, and also exposing those he obviously should not.

Is this the reality of the leftists not being in power? Protests that include arson, outright threats, incitement, character assassinations in the media – and through all of this, the mainstream media are staying quiet or even participating.

Sara Kovač

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