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Another horrific attack on an SDS MP: “We will kill you and your family!”

Police officers received a report from SDS MP Janez Moškrič, who was verbally attacked by a group of extremists and threatened with death and murder of his family. This is the second consecutive attack on a member of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS). Yesterday, strangers destroyed the car of Ljubo Žnidar from Žalec.

“Quo vadis Slovenia”, one might ask at the latest events, as the undemocratic part of society is angrily intimidating the elected MPs. If, despite the triumph in the referendum yesterday, the car of MP Ljubo Žnidar was vandalised, this time they attacked MP Janez Moškrič.

We are dealing with left fascism
As we have learned, Moškrič was at the Maximarket staircase at the time of the attack, where a group of people initially insulted him with a fascist, and then threatened to kill him. But that is not all: they also let him know that they know where he lives and that they will kill his family as well.

MP Moškrič filed a criminal complaint against the attackers, and the police continue to collect information and review footage from the surrounding cameras. It is assumed that the suspects were the ones who attended the protest rally in the Republic Square in the morning. According to the police, there were about 50 of them, followed the estimation by the organiser of the rally.

Recall that a group of left wing extremists promoting spitting action wanted to enter Parliament by force today. Police guarding the facility prevented them from entering, triggering a series of verbal attacks, threats and attempts at reckoning.

Sara Kovač

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