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After Its Calls for Schools Without Masks, the Party That Is up to Its Neck in Debts Is Now Exploiting Patients With AIDS to Promote Its Anti-Government Agenda

The Social Democrats party (SD) is very used to using everything and everyone to further its political fight – and they also like to use disease for this purpose. We know that the coronavirus often came in handy for the party, for example, when they “fought” for schools without masks – it did not matter to them if the schools had to close as a result. They use any means available to achieve their political goals – Machiavelli was practically an amateur compared to the SD party. And thus, they recently took advantage of World AIDS Day – namely, the Youth Forum of the SD party (which is the youth wing of the Social Democrats) prepared a special edition of condoms for this day. 

On World AIDS Day, the Youth Forum of the SD party prepared a special edition of condoms. “Adequate protection is the key to safe sex, and for all the other inconveniences, turnout in the next elections is extremely important,” they wrote – it seems like the current government has really brought out their creative side. Namely, the condoms were packed in a rather nice packaging, which read, “Don’t get fucked by the government.” The president of the Slovenian Democratic Youth (which is the youth organisation of the Slovenian Democratic Party) Komenda, Janez Marinko, wrote on Twitter that he never imagined that such a serious matter could ever be politicised. “You have proved me wrong,” he was critical of the SD party’s Youth Forum, which is clearly following in the footsteps of its older party colleagues.

“In recent days, we were raising awareness about the transmission of the HIV virus and the phenomenon of AIDS among passers-by and especially young people. We were also handing out preventive protection against the transmission of the virus,” wrote the Youth Forum, which would be commendable, had they not used this as an opportunity to further their campaign against the current government. Raising awareness about this disease as well as its prevention is, of course, very necessary, but with their mockery, members of the Youth Forum have, once again, crossed the line of good taste. “Members of the Youth Forum of the SD party are everything that young people today are not. We want the real results that the current government is actually successfully achieving, but you are not – especially not with such provocative campaigns. And where did you get the money for all of these condoms? Do I need to remind you that your party is in debt?” the president of the Slovenian Democratic Youth Kamnik and president of the Gorenjska region, Tim Rauter, wrote in response to the Youth Forum’s recent move.

Sara Kovač

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