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A Well-Known Anti-Government Protester Wishes That the Entire Political Leadership of the Country Would Get Blood Clots!

“So for the next three days, we need to keep our fingers crossed for blood clots? Does AZ also supply saline solution?” Tjaša Prošek, a well-known anti-government protester, wrote in response to a photo of the political leadership of our country getting vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. With this, the death threats have reached a new low.

With all the hooliganism, which increased even further during the epidemic, the leftists keep finding new ways to express some kind of death threats to the ruling politicians several times a day. Of course, this was not the case with the previous left-wing governments, as the threats are only directed against all parties and individuals working with the current government.

In addition to this, the leftists are also lying a lot and, with their propaganda apparatus, grossly misleading the domestic and foreign public, as they keep accusing it of attacking the media, as well as keep on spreading even more of this and similar nonsense.

They would even kill for power
One of the most dangerous phenomena is certainly death threats, which have grown like mushrooms after rain in the last year and are on the rise due to the ineffective judiciary. Graffiti in public places, banners at the anti-government protests, posts on social networks and even in the media show us that nothing is sacred to a certain part of the population, not even human life. It seems that they would even be willing to kill in order to come to power.

The infamous anti-government protester Tjaša Prošek also expressed her vile wish for the deaths of politicians Borut Pahor, Igor Zorčič, Janez Janša and Alojz Kovšca. Namely, she wished that the political leaders of our country would get blood clots in the upcoming days, which is a clear death threat against the politicians. IN the subsequent posts, her followers asked her how on earth could she wish that something like that to happen to someone, Prošek explained that this would be to the benefit of us all. She wrote: “They have the same chance of getting them as anyone else. In this case, it would even benefit us all. What’s the problem?” By the way, blood clots have been shown not to be caused by the vaccine, but it has now been proven that certain extreme leftists are bloodthirsty.

“A well-known Friday protester wishes that the four state leaders would get “blood clots.” Have we really reached the lowest possible point? Are we not all just people in the end? It is time for those who love to talk so much about hatred and fascism to take a look in the mirror. And that all the media, without exception, unanimously condemn this,” Nova24TV journalist Luka Svetina commented on Prošek’s statement.

Sara Kovač

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