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A Representative Of The Ruling Party Is Prosecuting Nova24TV

Faila Pašić, a politician and prominent member of the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda), is prosecuting the editor-in-chief of the Nova24TV web portal for allegedly disclosing personal data without her consent. This is yet another attack on free media by representatives of the authorities during the times of “freedom.”

One of the priorities of the Golob government since coming to power has been to create a media monopoly, a monocracy. Thus, Nova24TV, which has not and will never submit to the ruling coalition, has been a thorn in their side from the very beginning. This constant pressuring comes from their fear that their true face – the truth, and everything that the government officials and members want to hide, will be revealed. And whenever that actually happens, they come after us. This time they are coming after us once again, because we published the story of our loyal reader who revealed the true face of the Freedom Movement party member Faila Pašić.

We are witnessing yet another of the many attempts by the Golob government and the repressive judiciary to silence us for telling the truth. This is exactly what happened when we published the truth about the life of the Freedom Movement party member Faila Pašić, which was passed on to us by our loyal reader, her neighbour. In his message, he wrote that he is her neighbour and that her “dress code” reminds him time and time again of her “disrespect for the Slovenian nation.” But this was not a problem for the district prosecutor Maša Podlipnik, the problem for her was that the Slovenian public had thus learned that the activist Faila lived on Ježkova Street in Ljubljana and that she had received a four-room apartment from the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. The reader who sent us the story was particularly upset by her allowances, which she receives every month/year to her own account, even though she is a quasi-activist (or artist). He revealed that Pašić receives a lot of money through the association, and at the same time, she receives a monthly rent subsidy for the flat from the Centres for Social Work. “In short, this woman is eating into the Slovenian state budget!” he wrote. The fact is that Pašić is milking the state at the taxpayers’ expense and drives a luxury Audi Q5 car, worth up to 60,000 euros.

When she decided to become a public person, she should have also taken into account that she would be in the public eye

Faila Pašić voluntarily became a person that is known to the general public, thereby assuming that she would be known to the public at large and that more would be known and revealed about her than about people who are unknown to the public. And this also applies to her personal information, which is visible and obvious to the public and to people. But Faila Pašić has nevertheless decided to prosecute the editor-in-chief of the Nova24TV web portal, Marko Puš.

State Prosecutor Podlipnik is accusing Puš of publishing her personal data without her consent. Because we wrote about what is true and exposed the truth, which allegedly applies not only to Faila Pašić, but also to other members of the Golob government, who talk about some kind of ‘socialism, equality for all’, while living in state housing at a lower cost, and thus taking this option away from someone who actually needs help.

Tanja Brkić

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