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SDS with three referendums against the lunatics of Golob’s government

During the first hundred days of government, the government coalition was only successful in staffing. The trademark of this government is high prices, inflation, and empty promises, as well as adopting and changing legislation, demolishing everything that was adopted by the previous government under the leadership of Janez Janša for the benefit of the citizens.

The coalition of the parties Gibanje Svoboda, SD, and Levica, with an extension of non-government members from Metelkova Street 6 in Ljubljana, led by Nika Kovač and the left-wing March 8th Institute, changed laws in the first hundred days according to an expedited procedure at extraordinary sessions of the National Assembly, as if the country were in a state of war. In all this time, they had only one regular meeting, namely in May, and as many as 16 extraordinary meetings, and another one is scheduled for Friday, September 23rd. The second regular session of the National Assembly in this convocation is scheduled for September 26th. This means 19 sessions of the National Assembly until the end of September, of which 2 are regular and 17 are extraordinary.

All this shows the haste in which the Golob’s change legislation and make decisions, while at the same time avoiding the answers of Prime Minister Robert Golob and ministers to parliamentary questions.

Without measures against the costliness

In the first hundred days, Golob’s government took practically no measures to alleviate the costliness. That is why they are very right in the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) that the first hundred days of Golob’s government were one hundred days of absurdity, arrogance, and frivolity.

The SDS therefore demanded an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, which is expected to be held on Friday. They demand measures in the area of inflation and reasons for above-average inflation in Slovenia from the government. The government claims that they are preparing them, but the citizens do not feel any serious action.

Scandalous: succumbed to the Levica party

But they are very satisfied with themselves in the coalition. Last Thursday, September 15th, they gathered at Brdo pri Kranju for the first summit of the government coalition, where members of parliament were also present. As expected, they unanimously concluded that “the government is doing well”. Golob also said that they agreed to “further strengthen communication between various stakeholders and institutions”.

The presidents of the coalition parties, Golob, Tanja Fajon, and Luka Mesec, praised each other, and the coalition summit was said to have “passed in a distinctly friendly atmosphere”. Golob solemnly announced: “Today we have fulfilled one of the fundamental promises of our coalition agreement, namely the exit from the Boxer programme.” It is about the purchase of military vehicles for the Slovenian army, but he kept silent about the fact that due to withdrawing from the agreement Slovenia will pay the German manufacturers as much as 70 million contractual penalties. However, Golob proved that this coalition is led by the Levica party, which received only 4.46 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections and with 53,234 votes narrowly crossed the four percent electoral threshold for entering the parliament. For comparison. SDS received 279,897 votes (5.3 times more) and is in the opposition.

Golob’s coalition, in which everything is subordinated to the minor extreme Levica, is thus leading us from NATO to collapse. Exit from NATO and thus under the auspices of Russia and Vladimir Putin is also their goal. Cancelling the purchase of boxers is thus a scandalous decision by Golob’s government.

This is not the first extremely controversial decision of Golob’s government. Similar decisions were made almost weekly. Except, of course, during the weeks when they were on vacation. Nevertheless, they caused a lot of damage, the vacation is over, and citizens can look with fear to the coming autumn and winter weeks and months.

The madness of Golob’s government must be stopped

It is therefore up to the opposition to stop the madness of Golob’s government. The opposition is led by the SDS, and its activities show that the party carefully watches over everything the Golob’s do, who otherwise have a guaranteed vote in the National Assembly. Golob’s Gibanje Svoboda has 41 MPs, the SD has seven, and the Levica has five. That is a total of 53 votes for this roller, allowing them to take almost anything they can think of.

SDS, the leader in the opposition, has 27 MPs, NSi has another 8. It is 53 to 35 in favour of Golob’s voting machine.


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