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“Catch and release” policy in caravanserais

Bad interpretation of events leads to bad strategy. Illegal migration is a textbook example of this old wisdom. It will not be bad, they are highly educated, added value for the old continent, left-wing activists who worked overtime for people smugglers convinced us for several years.

Only a few of us pointed out that behind all that there is a “master plan” of replacing indigenous people. But the media mainstream has so effectively brainwashed that today it is easier to convince the average voter that there is an invasion of Martians in Bela Krajina or under Snežnik than anarchy when crossing the border.

The violation of Slovenia’s territorial sovereignty (which is actually an illegal transgression) is no longer news, least of all something that would worry the new rulers. Even the opposite. Immediately after taking power, they started removing the fence, the consequences are visible today: from the victory of the Gibanje Svoboda party to the end of September, the number of illegal crossings increased by 321 percent. Along the southern border, only the caravanserais are missing. And if they also move display cases and setups from Fotopub, the idyll between the left and uninvited newcomers will be perfect.

In any case, it is necessary to find a political consensus that illegal border crossing would not only be a misdemeanour punishable by a fine (or not even that), but a criminal act. Today, only smugglers are punished with prison, not those who knowingly cross the border illegally. “Catch and release” is only good for sport fishing, it is very dangerous when you are dealing with undocumented people who may have evil intentions. If a country treats its own citizens as possible miscreants, it should treat illegal migrants all the more. But Slovenian sycophants prefer to attack and condemn those who point out the danger. The boy who defended his 13-year-old sister from asylum seekers in Postojna and was therefore labelled a xenophobe is a good example. In any case, patriots must not accept that illegal crossings are something normal, because tomorrow the rape of teenage girls and women will become part of everyday life. And we do not want that.

Jože Biščak

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